4.10 Supplementary Notes


Since writing the first edition of this book I have revisited a number of the psychoactives documented, some of them on multiple occasions. Generally, I have nothing or little to add to my first or originally documented experience, but in some cases further commentary is merited.

2C-B-FLY #

As with 2C-B, higher doses of 2C-B-FLY invoke a much more intense and immersive experience. Perhaps a note of caution is appropriate though: on 20mg I had a wonderful time, but I felt physically wrecked for some days afterwards. You may well fly, but it isn’t always a free ride.

2C-I #

I have recently seen claims to the effect that at high doses this isn’t as safe to use as 2C-B. Prudence is therefore advised in this respect, and choosing the latter compound is probably wise if given a choice between them for an intensive session.

I should also stress again that this should never be confused with 25I-NBOMe (25-I-NBOMe) which requires substantially lower doses and is considered to pose far more danger.


On subsequent higher doses I encountered fewer visuals with this than I did with 4-HO-MET or magic mushrooms, which are commonly cited as offering broadly similar experiences. It seemed to induce a headier presence, or at least it did at the levels I have thus far explored (up to 20mg or so).

4-HO-MET #

I have tested this on a number of occasions at significantly higher doses than those documented. As expected the ride became increasingly intense and immersive the higher I went, with CEVs in particular manifesting strongly at around the 15-20mg level. Given the relationship with magic mushrooms, a surprising feature was that I generally found the nature of these to be somewhat dissimilar in terms of pattern and construct. Given the opportunity I may explore this further.


I eventually stopped playing with cocaine when I found myself using the best part of a gram in a single session, which was way too much. I didn’t feel particularly wrecked during the aftermath (as per alcohol), but I did tend to feel rather low for some days. Another deterrent was that I occasionally suffered from nasal issues: a clogged nose, which was sometimes impossible to cleanse and which lingered well after the event. It also became relatively expensive to source, particularly post COVID.

Note that with reference to alcohol, I think it is important to re-emphasize that this combination can prove to be extremely problematic and should be avoided.


I’m not a habitual smoker of cannabis and one reason for this is that I cannot control the munchies: I usually make a pig of myself when I indulge. Since the first edition was published, however, I undertook a mission to identify a strain which didn’t have this unwanted side-effect. I must have sampled 10-20 of these, based upon various recommendations. The bad news is that the mission was not successful. In fact it is fair to say that it was an abject failure.


A question I have contemplated since initially writing the book relates to the traditional use of frankincense incense in religious and other ceremonies: does prolonged and collective inhalation of apparently sub-threshold doses have a sub-conscious psychoactive effect? If so, is it being used or has it been used purposely as a means of cohesion, ultimately bestowing a measure of suggestive control? If there aren’t any published papers considering these questions, perhaps there should be.

Note that I was subjected to some blowback when I first posted this proposition on social media, so I should stress that I don’t consider this to be an issue should anyone pro-actively choose to expose themselves (to both the psychoactive agent and the potential for subsequent psycho-suggestion); but that choice should be explicit and understood, and scientific research would help to inform it.


This became available on the markets again circa 2020 and at the time of this update has slowly started to regain popularity. It is perhaps more prone to compulsive redosing than I stated in my account, and I have easily snorted my way through a gram or more during a single session. This isn’t a good idea, as despite its relatively benign nature in some respects, the aftermath can be rather punishing. In addition I found that it increasingly had an artificial edge to it, which didn’t feel particularly healthy. As a consequence of these further experiences I now consider this drug to merit particular care, and would certainly discourage habitual use.