1.2.5 More On Source & Jurisdiction

More On Source & Jurisdiction #

Most of the chemicals and botanicals sampled for the purposes of this book were directly (and legally) purchased online from UK based websites, using a regular bank card. Regarding safety, this tenuous audit trail to source did at least provide the beginnings of a primitive level of assurance. The specific acquisitions were:


1P-ETH-LAD; 1P-LSD; 2C-B-AN; 2C-B-FLY; 5-MeO-DALT; 5-MeO-DIBF; AL-LAD; BK-2C-B; LSZ; 2AI; 3,4 CTMP; 3-FPM; 4-Me-TMP; 4F-EPH; 4F-MPH; IPPH; MPA; NM2AI; PPH; TPA; Ephenidine, Diclazepam; Etizolam; Flubromazolam; Nifoxipam; Pyrazolam; 3-MeO-PCMo; Diphenidine; MXP; MDAI; MEAI; MNA; Mexedrone; Aniracetam; Citicoline; Armodafinil; Modafiendz; Noopept; NSI 189; Phenibut; Picamilon; PRL-8-53; L-Theanine.


Cebil; Chaliponga Leaves; Fly Agaric; HBWS; Iboga; Ololiuqui; Salvia; San Pedro Cactus; Syrian Rue Seeds; Yopo; Ephedra; Ginkgo; Guarana; Guayusa; Kola Nut; Wormwood; Yohimbe; Blue Lotus; Catnip; Damiana; Imphepho; Indian Warrior; Kanna; Lavender; Maconha Brava; Marihuanilla; Morning Glory Seeds; Mulungu; Passion Flower; Skullcap; Valerian Root; White Sage; Wild Dagga; Catuaba; Celastrus Paniculatus; Calea; Mexican Tarragon; Mugwort; Rapé; Ubulawu; Kava Kava; Kratom; Mapacho; Sakae Naa; Sinicuichi; Datura; Entada Rheedii.

The following compounds were legally purchased from UK based head shops (retail outlets), usually located in the North West of England:

AMT; BK-2C-B; EPH; MXP; MXE; 6-APB; MDAI; 5F-AKB48; AM-2201; AM-694; JWH-018; JWH-073.

All the other substances were tested outside the UK, and where practical, in an authentic setting.


Whilst the overall number of vendors operating via the Internet during this period was substantial, the vast majority of the above materials were obtained from a relatively small minority:


BRC Fine Chemicals, Buckled Bonzi, Chemical Wire, CT High Street, Lizard Labs, Pure Chemicals, Royal Alchemist, Rave Gardener.


Spirit Garden, Organic Dyes, Element Earth (Mind Foods), PotSeed, Elegant Essence, CoffeeshOp.

These were generally well regarded and provided a timely and professional service.