2.4.10 Others

Others #

From a personal perspective, this class of drug doesn’t provide significant scope for recreational differentiation. Sedatives sedate, and anxiolytics counter anxiety, with little granularization within the respective functionalities. Attributes such as duration and half-life take a more central role on the stage.

I do accept that some of this commentary may constitute heresy to aficionados, but those members of this class which I have sampled and which are not individually documented on previous pages have merged in terms of effect: my memory has categorised them into a fuzzy and fairly uninteresting much of a muchness. I cannot, therefore, wax lyrical about them or expand beyond listing those that I have tested with, at best, a one-liner.

[Brands: Librium]
I was prescribed this instead of valium in my youth, and found it to be similar, but with less drowsiness.

Doxylamine Succinate
[Brands: Unisom]
I slept, although not as deeply as I had hoped.

Diphenhydramine (DPH)
[Brands: Benadryl, Nytol]
This does its job in terms of sleep, although perhaps not as effectively as etizolam. Note that at high doses this is a dangerous deliriant.

I barely recall this one, which probably means that it did a job, but with few if any interesting features.

As diclazepam.

As diclazepam.

Finally, at one stage, solely for the purpose of this book, I purchased a sample of a benzo called Flubromazepam. However, I subsequently encountered numerous Internet reports which stated that this stays in the system for an extraordinarily long period of time. Given my ongoing research, I therefore elected, on safety grounds, to dump it prior to use.