3.8.9 Sakae Naa

Sakae Naa #

Binomial / Botanical Name Combretum Quadrangulare
Street Names Sakae Naa
Major Active Compound Combretol
Indigenous Source Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand
Form Dried Leaves
RoA Oral / Vaporised / Smoked
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale + / + / +*


Although sometimes used as a substitute for kratom, in terms of effect the similarities are disputed. On initial use, some years ago, I found it to be extremely weak in comparison; too weak to form a judgement. This applied to both oral use (10g as a tea) and intake via a vaporiser.

I have returned to this for two reasons. The first is that it took a number of experiments to actually experience anything worthwhile from kratom; hence the feeling that I should give this at least one more punt before writing it off. The second is that I continue to encounter Internet reports which claim that it actually delivers, albeit in a mild form.

A relevant factor is also that I am not a great connoisseur of the opioid type of venture. The overall ride, as I have always experienced it (mood lift, relative euphoria/happiness, sedation, nausea/headache), has never been compelling, or particularly rewarding as a whole.

It’s fair to say that I enter this exercise with fairly low expectations.

Re-visiting the Internet I notice frequent claims that farmers in Thailand and Myanmar “chew or smoke the leaves for their sedative properties”. Indeed, a number of sources cite smoking as the preferred method.

My course is set accordingly.

T+0:00 I fill the bowl of a small bong, light, take a large hit, and hold. I then repeat the exercise, twice. It is quite an easy smoke. [4:20pm].

T+0:05 There is a change of headspace, albeit a very mild one. It is the gentlest of sedations, with a slightly dreamy edge. I feel comfortable as I sit at my desk typing these notes.

T+0:15 I feel much the same as I did on 5 minutes. The tranquillising effect has neither strengthened nor weakened. The shift from normality is extremely subtle, but real.

T+0:30 To determine if I can take this any further I re-load the bowl and take another couple of hits. Again, it is nice and easy on the lungs. Within a couple of minutes the dreamy heady edge is back to where it was immediately following the first blast.

This is moderately pleasing, and assuming that expectations are not set unreasonably high, provides a positive mellow ambience.

T+0:35 I am experiencing a general disposition of contentedness, which has replaced my slightly edgy and bored mood of 40 minutes ago.

T+1:00 The intensity has faded, but the vibe still lingers at a slightly lower level. At this point lightly chilled is probably a good way of describing it.

T+2:00 I am approaching base, although some residue sedation is still in play.

T+3:00 I feel almost at baseline, but my background mood continues to be relaxed and calm.

I didn’t find this to be energising, as some forum posters suggest, nor particularly like kratom. This certainly applied to intake via smoking.

For me, as consumed above, it induced the mildest of anxiolytic states, but with a positive and dreamy aura. Having stated this, it may well be one for which the use of fresh leaves presents a different proposition in terms of potency, particularly if consumed in an authentic setting.

Overall, I found this to be more agreeable than I had anticipated. Pleasant is probably the best word I can find.