2.2.3 1P-ETH-LAD


Common Nomenclature 1-propionyl-6-ethyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethyamide
Street & Reference Names N/A
Reference Dosage Light 30ug+; Common 60ug+; Heavy 100ug+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 1 Hour / 9 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 75ug+25ug
Form Blotter
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale +++


This is a strange trip report to write, not only because this is not the first time I have sampled 1P-ETH-LAD, but because I have used it in combination with AL-LAD and 1P-LSD on several occasions. Although combinations are not something I usually entertain, and certainly don’t encourage, I find that lysergamides are not particularly taxing in terms of body load, at least when only mixed together.

The problem I have here is that through mixing these chemicals I have largely forgotten the details of the prior individual 1P-ETH-LAD experience. Given that my memory is flawed, I feel ill equipped to write a detailed report. Hence, this particular log is not reflection of my first experience, but rather, it represents the chronology of a re-visit.

IP-ETH-LAD to ETH-LAD, is what 1P-LSD is to LSD, which are almost universally considered to be indistinguishable. It is probably reasonable to assume, therefore, that 1P-ETH-LAD mirrors ETH-LAD in terms of effect. ETH-LAD itself is a shorter acting analogue of LSD, which was first documented by Alexander Shulgin in his book TiHKAL in 1997.

One issue I have tended to have with lysergamides in general is that I find it hard to tell them apart: meaning that I find the experiences, at least in terms of headspace, to be extremely similar. That said, I have never attempted to log a trip with comparison in mind. I will make the effort this time.

Starting afresh, therefore, what should I dose? Only one of the major online reference sources quotes any figures, and these appear to have been taken directly from the ETH-LAD page. Initially, I therefore looked at the difference between 1P-LSD and LSD, to perhaps enable an ETH-LAD to 1P-ETH-LAD estimate.

Taking the common threshold for LSD, both TripSit and Psychonautwiki place this at 75ug. The equivalent figures for 1P-LSD are 50ug and 100ug respectively, which is a substantial difference. However, the average between them is in fact 75ug, which suggests that 1P does not significantly strengthen or weaken the LSD experience. Against this I note that many subjective opinions across the forums suggest that dose-to-dose 1P is slightly less intense.

Regarding ETH-LAD versus LSD, the common threshold for the former is placed at 60ug. This would make it slightly stronger per ug than LSD. If the 1P slightly weakens the experience per ug perhaps pitching this dose at 60ug is reasonable, given that I have not consumed a lysergamide for many months. I note also that references on Erowid do not dramatically contradict this figure.

In terms of expectation, forum posts suggest that more visuals are invoked than there are via LSD, with more clarity of mind. Let’s see.

T+0:00 I cut a 100ug tab into pieces, isolating 60ug to the best of my ability. I chew, suck and swallow it. [3pm]

T+0:15 Maybe, just maybe, a bit of headspace is developing. My eyes seem to linger on objects for slightly longer than usual as I move and look around.

T+0:30 There are no further developments to report at this point. Perhaps I feel a little flushed and warm.

T+1:00 I am now unmistakably under the influence of a drug. I feel comfortable but restless, in that I am increasingly distant from normal everyday reality. There may be early indications of morphing and more interesting colouration, but largely a certain headspace is present and is evolving. I am not particularly immersed or uncomfortable, but I am aware of a physical edge.

T+1:15 I am in a sort of mellow and balmy space at this point, with a tingly body sensation. I hear my ambient music occasionally interjecting in the background. It sounds very pleasant, and is definitely enhanced. I feel more comfortable now than earlier.

Walking around, I can feel physically light and, for want of a better word, floaty. In the mirror, my pupils look reasonably normal. There are no serious visuals yet, but the greater appreciation of colour is now unmistakable.

T+1:30 I am now well into ++ Shulgin territory, edging towards +++. It’s a heady space, dreamy almost, with tracers hinting in the periphery and a little morphing there too.

T+2:00 At 2 hours I must now be at the peak of the experience. I remain totally functional, but with a meditative and whimsical headspace which I can drift into for lengthy periods. I can also zone in and out of light visual distortion and morphing. The ambient music remains pleasant in the distance, occasionally attracting positive attention and appreciation.

How does this compare to 1P-LSD or LSD? This does seem to support more mental clarity, although I have to accept that this could be auto-suggestion. What 1P-LSD dose does this equate to? I would definitely suggest more than 60ug.

T+2:15 At this point it is a real struggle to engage a conversation without coming across as a tripping zombie. Staying connected and on topic is hard work. I feel strange and smoothly drifting, but in a positive sense, with the feeling that I am not quite with it. It is a nice experience, of course, but I feel slightly on the edge, as though something unexpected may happen.

T+2:45 I just drifted away for maybe 30 minutes, awareness of the here and now occasionally coming back into focus. I felt chilly for a few minutes, as I strolled around and wandered, but sat down again and allowed myself to drift back into comfort; into the psychedelic space.

T+3:30 The experience is less intense now, but nonetheless, it remains very pleasant. My pupils are half dilated. I am ready to engage in more complex entertainment, perhaps YouTube videos or similar. My skin feels quite tingly, something similar to the feeling experienced when the hairs stand up on the back of the neck. This sensation has been a feature throughout.

T+4:00 I have just managed to eat a significant meal. The baked potato was hard going, but I got through it. The issue was mainly volumetric, rather than taste or capability related.

I now seem to have emerged into to the down flight of the trip. I am still content and retain the energy to seek some sort of mental stimulation.

T+5:00 I am still under the influence but I am easily functional. In fact, I am functional enough to contemplate walking to the local pool and having a swim. I decide to go for it.

T+5:30 I survived the swim. It felt strangely refreshing in that I was partially numbed to any chill from the water, not that it wasn’t reasonably warm. My body was pleased to stretch and exercise.

The walk to the pool brought the familiar feeling that I was indoors; that nature and the exterior were harmoniously interiorised in some way. This wasn’t the same feeling of oneness which I have felt with LSD, but was still a comforting inclusiveness of the outside physical world. This could have been a pre-cursor to the oneness experience, which might emerge at a higher dose.

There is less intellectual wonder than I recall with 1P-LSD, and more of a consciously aware feeling of pro-actively witnessing reality and observing it from within. There seems to be more clarity in terms of perceiving and computing the norm.

T+6:00 The duration of a 1P-ETH-LAD experience is usually presented as eight to twelve hours. For me, at this dose, it isn’t. I can still feel it, but the ride seems like it is almost over.

I am a little drained, mentally tired, but with a weak after-the-party psychedelic headspace in situ. Does this still count as duration? Given that I am writing in these terms I would suggest not.

This has been a very nice experience. I instinctively know that it was very dependent upon set and setting, and that had I engaged in nature or in a similarly suitable place on a warm sunny day, it would have been absolutely wonderful. This is not to say that it hasn’t been extremely enjoyable. It has.

It’s now 9pm. I am tired and ready for bed, although I do expect some issues with sleep.

Last but not least, there has been no significant body load at any stage.

In terms of aftermath, I drifted off peacefully and had a surprisingly good night’s sleep. In the morning there was no fog or difficulty, and indeed, I felt quite invigorated, which is common with psychedelics.

Whilst a little tired, my subsequent mental status was certainly more positive than the norm, almost as if an internal reset button had been pressed, clearing psychological clutter.

[Shulgin Reference for ETH-LAD: TiHKAL #12, p442]