2.3.9 Adderall

Adderall #

Common Nomenclature Adderall
Street & Reference Names Agent Orange; Blue Lightening
Reference Dosage Light 5mg+; Common 15mg+; Strong 40mg+; Heavy 75mg+ [Oral, TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 minutes / 5 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 30mg+10mg+10mg+10mg
From Pills
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Associate / Overseas


Adderall is a mix of dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine, in the ratio 75% to 25%, and is prescribed to treat the symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and narcolepsy (a sleep disorder). The brand was first introduced in 1996, with a generic version being approved in 2002.

Its recreational use is now well established and unsurprisingly, given its composition, addiction potential and increased tolerance build quickly.

My 60mg supply came in the form of two orange pills. Identity checking their imprints online, drugs.com states that these are: “b 974 3 0 (Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine 30 mg)” and that they were originally supplied by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA.

Coincidentally, Erowid currently uses the exact same type of pill for its illustrative photograph for amphetamine, with adderall listed as a brand name.

Adderall comes in both instant and extended release forms. Here I am covering the IR (instant) version. Also note that some people insufflate, but I am researching this via the oral route. A word in passing on this though: as usual, if you are insufflating, significantly lower doses are required.

With respect to dosage, drugs-forum.com states that:

Adderall is intended to be taken orally, at doses from 5-30mg (measured in instant release). Recreational users do use more, however it is not advisable for inexperienced users to exceed 30mg, if not tolerant to the drug

As this is my first experiment with adderall, I obviously wouldn’t call myself an experienced user of it, but might do so with respect to stimulants generally, including street amphetamine. Combined with the TripSit and other relevant material I therefore decide to start with 30mg. To help facilitate a faster onset I crush the pills prior to swallowing.

In terms of expectation I am anticipating a slightly watered down version of the effects I experienced with amphetamine (of which I took a much higher dose ).

T+0:00 I swallow 30mg of my supply with a glass of water [11:50am]

T+0:30 I can feel the usual stim tingles emerging, along with a light head buzz. Already it is quite pleasant, and already I am contemplating another half-pill (maybe 15mg) to top up.

T+1:00 I swill down another 10mg of the crushed orange debris, taking the total to around 40mg. The buzz is currently sustained on a nice level, which I can functionally skate above if necessary.

Unsurprisingly, the major hallmarks of amphetamine are in play now, albeit not very strongly. These include a positive uplift, and indeed horn, if required.

T+2:00 I remain on the same plateau, which is quite nice, but the compulsion to redose is undeniably present. Given that my overall dose is limited to the 60mg I originally acquired I am seeking to control this and spin out the exercise as best I can, which isn’t a trivial matter. Despite this intention, I still swallow half the remaining supply, taking the running total to around 50mg.

T+3:00 I now greedily gobble the remainder, hitting the ceiling of my 60mg. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to produce the mild rush of previous re-doses, at least to the same extent, so I hypothesise that I could be hitting some sort of barrier of diminishing returns.

T+4:00 As suspected an hour ago, I have passed the peak, and the buzz and general elevation is slowly fading. I am still in a zone of course, but it is far less intense than it was earlier.

I have little doubt that had I a larger stock available I would continue a little longer, so once again a pre-planned constraint has intervened to save me from myself.

From here I expect a gradual comedown over the next few hours, hopefully a soft and gentle one. I remain warm with a mild head-stim, so this isn’t so bad at the present time.

T+5:00 Stim-binge averted, I can now turn some attention to recovery. I am targeting a decent meal in an hour or two, at which point I hope to have at least something of an appetite.

I still feel somewhat fuzzy in a positive sense, if a little unfulfilled. I remain physically warm and generally well.

T+7:00 The ride has basically fizzled out to a flatness. I feel slightly distant and increasingly weary, although not particularly sleepy.

The night’s sheep was in fact a decent one, aided and abetted (reluctantly) by 0.5mg of etizolam. The next morning I awoke reasonably fresh, if a little drained.

My expectation was not far off the mark. This was like a weakish re-run with amphetamine; no doubt on account of the dose I was restricted to in comparison. This is not to say that it wasn’t decent: it was. It is just that it peaked early, not particularly highly, and then faded slowly over the course of the day, leaving me at a bit of a loose end. In different circumstances I would undoubtedly have enjoyed a better return.

Finally, and it is worth stating the obvious: the warnings I provide for amphetamine also apply to this, so do take care, particularly with dose and frequency of use.