3.2.10 Ololiuqui

Ololiuqui #

Binomial / Botanical Name Rivea Corymbosa
Street Names N/A
Major Active Compound LSA
Indigenous Source Mexico, Latin America
Form Seeds
RoA Oral
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale ++


Ololiuqui seeds are known to have been ritually used by Indian groups in southern Mexico dating well back into the pre-Hispanic period. Their use amongst the Aztecs was subsequently documented by the Spanish, and they continue to be used to this day by various peoples of this region.

A variety of decoctions and preparations are recorded, most specifying the ingestion of between 10 and 15 seeds, but with the occasional outlier quoting a multiple of this. The most common form of concoction is to suffuse with water, with the following being quoted in Plants of the Gods:Thirteen seeds are usually ground up and drunk with water”.

I sampled these about two years ago, broadly along the same lines. I prepared and consumed ten seeds, and still feeling fine after an hour, rapidly repeated the exercise with another five. I didn’t take extensive notes, but did record a heavy + or light ++ on the adapted Shulgin scale.

This was certainly a psychedelic trip, but was neither immersive nor profound at this particular dose.

On this second occasion I consumed the same number, but in a single sitting. I used a mortar and pestle to crush the seeds more vigorously than the first time and placed the resultant compound into half a cup of water.

T+0:00 I stir and swig the lot down in one. [11:30am]

T+0:15 Earlier than expected I sense the slightest change of headspace. I momentarily focused upon my mindset immediately prior to the experiment, to provide a marker, and it is certainly in a different zone now. Accompanying this I feel some body chill and have cold hands, so I add a layer of clothes.

T+0:30 There have been no significant developments during the last 15 minutes. The mind-play is still present, and vision is mildly softened. I have a marginally better sense of well-being than prior to initiation.

T+0:45 The headspace is now solid at a gentle and relatively unobtrusive level, vision is still mellowed via the presence of a minor psychedelic sheen, and a general contentedness is clear. I would be happy if this went deeper, but this seems to be unlikely.

T+1:00 At this point, the visual element has increased in intensity, as I detect the hint of a double-visioned haze. The breathing of objects in my peripheral vision is also evident (to a minor degree) as I dreamily stare. The headspace dwells within a comfortable but familiar psychedelic aura. There is no significant dilation of my pupils.

T+1:45 I feel that the effects have weakened somewhat at this point. Although still present most facets of the experience have reduced in intensity. With the change, I notice a slight enhancement in visual acuity.

T+3:00 I am now almost back to base. A drifting ambience remains, as does the mood lift and afterglow, but to all other intents and purposes the journey is over.

That mood lift and afterglow, and the dying embers of the general headspace, lingered for quite a few hours. This in itself was somewhat relaxing and provided a very gentle comedown. The night’s sleep was good, other than being awakened via a third party disturbance.

This was an interesting and pleasant psychedelic ride, albeit flowing at a relatively modest level. Throughout, it intuitively felt like the consumption of more seeds would have induced a much stronger and sustained response.

Regarding body load, I felt no adverse reaction, other than some chilliness.

All things being equal I may well return to these seeds and dose a little higher on some future occasion.