2.9 Nootropics

Nootropics #

Textbook Definition: Sometimes referred to as smart drugs, nootropics are substances that improve or enhance one or more cognitive functions, such as memory, focus and creativity.

The following chemicals have been sampled and researched for inclusion within this section:

It wasn’t just scepticism that caused me to tread slowly and carefully with this class of chemical. It was the fact that most of the users I encountered online ingested a cocktail of these drugs everyday. In nootropic lingo such a combination is known as a stack.

My hesitancy wasn’t only driven by the fear of addiction, but by the very idea of putting a relatively untested chemical into my body with regular frequency and habit. The potential rewards never appeared to balance the risks.

Instead, my approach was one which is possibly blasphemous to aficionados: to take an average to strong dose once. Possibly, if sufficient evidence or large scale use indicated relative safety, I might indulge twice or more, albeit on one single day.

Thereafter I waited and hoped for some sort of effect; a suggestion of enhanced memory, an example of improved mental sharpness, enhanced focus or concentration, or some similar manifestation.

Usually, I was to be disappointed. However, on occasion, there was indeed some detectable psychoactivity, hence the presence of this section in this book.