3.2.8 Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles #

Binomial / Botanical Name Psilocybe Tampanensis
Street Names Sclerotia, Philosophers Stone
Major Active Compound Psilocybin
Indigenous Source Widespread
Form Fungus
RoA Oral
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale +++


Truffles broadly comprise the underground hardening of a mushroom’s mycelium, and are part of the fungus itself. Hardly surprisingly, therefore, magic truffles provide the same effects as regular magic mushrooms. When the Dutch government banned magic mushrooms in 2008, but left truffles unaffected, the latter exploded in popularity, particularly in Amsterdam.

My first truffle experience was planned well in advance, as a group expedition, although it didn’t unfold exactly as anticipated or intended. Having previously tested psilocybin mushrooms, I was fully aware of the type of headspace I was about to engage, although perhaps not its intensity or the impact of the setting.

We procured the truffles from the Kokopelli smart shop, not far from Centraal Station. The idea was to consume the classic museum dose, and then stroll to and through the gallery itself, about a mile away.

Given my previous experience, the vendor suggested that I go for Dolphins Delight, which was one of the stronger of those on offer.

As we walked towards our destination, I slowly chewed and swallowed my way through the entire 15g, which was memorable only due to its strong earthy taste. As we entered the museum the effects had already started to be felt.

I was becoming warmer, and the familiar psychedelic headspace was fast emerging. It soon felt strong, and the standard visuals were manifesting, to the extent of the classic phenomenon of breathing walls. They were not yet at full throttle, but they were far from stable.

As occasionally experienced on certain psychedelics, we were but 10 minutes into the museum when I desperately needed to use the toilets. It was something of a challenge to find them, and I was grateful for the assistance of my fellow travellers in this respect.

Having relieved myself, I felt a little better, and set about enjoying the ride. Well; that was the intention.

As expected, colour was vivid, and the art and artefacts were significantly more engaging than normal. Yes, cool, at least until we reached the section which displayed portraits of the well-heeled from the Dutch Golden Era (circa 17th century).

The problem here was that they were more alive than usual, and the past era setting was occasionally dark. I found that they looked increasingly like…. pigs. Before long I considered them to be threatening.

We quickly moved along, but by now I was a little up and down, and unsettled. I knew that I was tripping hard, and that I was in a public place, full of strangers. I also knew that I had consumed far more than a museum dose.

Despite a little anxiety the rest of the visit passed relatively uneventfully, with various levels of engagement. Had I not perturbed myself I am sure it would have qualified as being rather exciting, but regardless, it wasn’t so terrible and it did have elements of fun.

Outside the museum we wandered around the pleasant gardens and side streets, which surrounded the grand old building. However, I was again becoming slightly uncomfortable. My stomach was churning somewhat, with a hint of nausea, and the crowds were becoming increasingly difficult to handle.

Whilst I was fully aware that I was flying high, well into +++ territory, I was feeling a little claustrophobic as the streets seemed to become busier and busier; so much so that we had to weave in and out of people to make progress.

Given the location, the centre of a major European city, this was hardly a surprise. The hot weather also didn’t help, nor did the sound of the hustle and bustle.

Eventually, I sounded the distress signal: I needed to get back to the hotel to lie down.

Achieving this was easier said than done, given that it was the best part of a mile away, and that the most tenable route was through the main shopping district.

Despite throngs of shoppers of every shape and size, kids that reminded me of aliens, and the almost overwhelming noise they collectively produced, we managed to get back without incident. My relief was palpable.

Lying on the bed I closed my eyes. Wow!

The CEVs were intense; as intense as I had experienced to that point. I was seeing the quintessential picture of colourful patterned snake-like bodies intertwining and moving. This was compelling, but given my current mindset, was slightly disturbing at the same time.

I should state clearly that this was by no means a traumatic experience. I knew at every stage that I was psychoactively immersed and that it would come to an end. It was, however, difficult, as the situation wasn’t conducive to a heavy trip and I had allowed myself to go down a more challenging route than I should have.

Something like an hour later the peak had passed, and I was good to go again. The headspace lingered for some hours, but I had completely recovered my composure and I basked in the afterglow.

Overall, it was a memorable experience with some lessons learned, the main one being that 15g of strongish truffle was far too much for this sort of agenda. I feel that 10g would have been more like it, and would have had the desired outcome.

Maybe next time.

Traversing Amsterdam whilst tripping hard presented a number of issues

Traversing Amsterdam whilst tripping hard presented a number of issues

Magic truffles, as housed in The Headshop, Kloveniersburgwal, Amsterdam

Magic truffles, as housed in The Headshop, Kloveniersburgwal, Amsterdam