2.5.4 GHB


Common Nomenclature GHB; Gamma Hydroxybutyrate
Street & Reference Names G, Grievous Bodily Harm, Liquid Ecstasy, Harm
Reference Dosage Light 0.5g+; Common 1g+; Strong 2g+; Heavy 3g+; Overdose 5g+; Poisoning 10g+ [Erowid]
Light 0.5g+; Common 1g+; Strong 2g+; Heavy/Death 5g+; [Psychonautwiki]
Light 0.5g+; Common 1g+; Strong 2g+; Heavy 3.5g+; Dangerous 7g+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 15 Minutes / 2 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced .75g + .75g + 1.2g
Form Paste
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Dealer / Overseas
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale +***


GHB has a colourful history. It was first synthesised in the 1920s, was used as an anaesthetic in the 60s, and was sold as a weight loss and muscle development aid in the 80s. Eventually it was to emerge as a recreational drug at the end of the 90s. It was scheduled in the United States in 2000, and in the UK in 2003.

Whilst commonly used as a club drug, it gained notoriety with the public as a date rape drug, following a sustained period of media reporting. Its use has declined considerably over recent years.

Researching the safety of GHB via the Internet immediately rang alarm bells. On the fundamental issue of dosing, Erowid bluntly states that: *“If you take 3 - 4 times the normal dose, you may find yourself unconscious and vomiting. If you take more than 3-4 times your normal dose, there is risk of death.”

With this in mind, it is also important to note that the threshold figures given above are for GHB powder, and not for liquid. For GHB in liquid form, it is essential to establish the concentration and work from there.

Another stark warning is not to mix this with alcohol or other depressants. This is an absolute must-not-do. It has resulted in tragic consequences all too often.

On purchasing my sample, the dealer was gushing regarding its effects, promising untold joys and delights. His recommended dose was equally forthright, suggesting 2-3g mixed with warm water, and then 1-2g every 20 minutes until “absolute bliss” was encountered. In my case, this recklessness was obviously not going to happen.

My 10g supply came in a watertight plastic sachet. It was a soggy wet powder, rather like the constitution of the amphetamine paste I had tested some months earlier. Perhaps it was a little gooier.

Placing this on the scales produced a reading of 11.94g, which indicated that the purchase weight was more or less correct. However, the fact that it wasn’t powder, and was damp, raised issues and uncertainty. Erring on the side of caution I therefore weighed wet and dosed low.

T+0:00 I carefully measure 0.75g, which is cited as light-common by the harm reduction websites, and mix it into warm water. It dissolves almost immediately as I stir. There is a slightly salty taste as I swig it down. [3:35pm]

T+0:15 A mild and heady inebriation has already emerged. I hesitate to compare it to alcohol, because there isn’t the fuzzy headed accompaniment or loss of clarity. I feel warmer than I did, and the anxious edge I was feeling earlier has been extinguished.

T+0:30 It has not developed significantly, but rather, has established itself on a plateau: the mild intoxication, the anxiolytic calmness, and the slight body warmth are all stable. It is pleasing in nature.

On the issue of sexual stimulation, this can be apparent if I allow my mind to drift into that area. An issue I tend to have here is that it is difficult not to compare drugs alleged to have aphrodisiacal properties with amphetamine or methamphetamine. Against these they are always liable to reflect poorly.

Whilst this is also the case with GHB on this dose, there is certainly potential in this area.

T+1:00 The experience is positive and basically, quite nice. There is temptation to redose and head into more intensive territory, but this already has warmth and pleasantness to it at its current level.

T+1:30 Whilst the sedation is now more evident, the mildly inebriated feel has diminished. Seeking to re-establish this I dissolve and drink another 0.75g of the sticky white paste. The total dose is now 1.5g

T+2:15 The tranquil feeling with an overtone of lucid intoxication has solidified again. Although I wouldn’t describe it as euphoria, my mood is good and there is no anxiety in play. This is quite a nice feeling.

T+3:00 I mix and drink a final clump of 1.2g, making the total 2.7g.

T+3:15 I am now at a similar level to an hour ago, but perhaps a little more zoned-out with less clarity. The headiness is probably more intense. There is no enormous sexual urge, but again, the inclination is there if I take it in that direction, and there is no stim-dick. As I haven’t eaten since lunch time I eat a large bowl of muesli.

T+3:45 Unexpectedly, given that I dosed over a gram just 45 minutes ago, I feel that I am on the way down. Perhaps the food contributed to this.

T+6:00 Over the last hour or two the effects have worn down almost to base, leaving some tiredness. I am ready for bed a little earlier than usual.

The night’s sleep was reasonably good and I experienced no significant comedown. This was far milder and gentler than I anticipated, and there was no hangover whatsoever.

Following the initial surge, I generally felt a heady sedation, and a degree of mellow inebriation, but with far more clarity to it than alcohol. A term that occurred to me during the experience was sober intoxication, as I was far more in control of myself. Regarding the general ataractic effect, this was an underlying factor throughout.

I can fully understand how some people chase this, to try and get more out of it, by redosing repeatedly and heavily. It feels painless and safe, with little hint of the dangers that are there. I sense that this trap would be particularly easy to fall into in a social situation. The same applies to mixing with alcohol. It feels so benign that it misleads. Be careful.

A reminder: My personal dosage figures reflect GHB paste and not powder. Powder equivalent doses will be significantly lower.