4.8.2 Common, Street & Brand Names

Common, Street & Brand Names #

This section won’t win any plaudits for chemical or botanical accuracy, but it may help those who know a psychoactive only by its street, slang, brand, or other alternative name.

In all cases, the word in the brackets is the name under which the compound is listed in this book. This in turn is not intended to suit or please chemists or botanists, but is usually the quasi-chemical popular term or the common botanical name that it is generally known by.


Note that this does not include the temporary marketing names applied to transient blends which were sold online and via head shops during the legal high years. For these, the same names often applied to mixes with different contents, and sometimes different names were used for blends with the same contents.


Note that botanical street names are particularly prone to regional variation. Where possible, the names listed here reflect the most widely used and popular nomenclature.