2.2.7 2C-E

2C-E #

Common Nomenclature 2,5-dimethoxy-4-ethylphenethylamine
Street & Reference Names 2ce; Europa
Reference Dosage Threshold 2mg+; Light 5mg+; Common 10mg+; Strong 15mg+; Heavy 25mg+ [Erowid]
Typical 5mg-15mg [Drugs-Forum]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 Minutes / 8 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 9-10mg
Form Pill
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Dealer / Overseas


2C-E was first synthesised by Alexander Shulgin, and was documented in PiHKAL in 1991. He rated it as one of the most important phenethylamine compounds, which he referred to as his magical half-dozen. For the record, these comprised mescaline, and six of his own inventions: DOM, 2C-B, 2C-E, 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7*.

Recreationally, it became increasingly popular from the early 2000s. However, it was classified in the UK in 2002 and scheduled in the United States in July 2012.

2C-E is often considered to invoke a deeply meaningful experience, with references to this effect present across Internet forums and in a number of books. A good example of the latter is Myron J. Stolaroff’s ‘Thanatos to Eros: 35 Years of Psychedelic Exploration Ethnomedicien and the Study of Consciousness’, which can be found on the MAPS website.

My 18mg sample was allegedly produced by a Chinese lab, and pressed into pill form in the UK. On the face of it, this seems to be a good dose, but further research leads me to exercise additional caution.

One factor is that for many users 2C-E produces a high body load. Another is that reports across the harm reduction forums repeatedly stress a steep response curve and high intensity low-dose experiences. The following comments, from respected posters on the BlueLight forum, are fairly typical:

“This one has a VERY steep dose/response curve and I’d imagine every half-milligram can produce a noticeable jump in intensity.” ~ Morninggloryseed

“I tried 12mgs of 2C-E for the first time tonite. Wow! It was really damn intense.” ~ Piper methysticum

“The 2C-E dose-reponse curve is probably the sharpest I’ve ever experienced. I have seen a full freakout on 15mg.” ~ Fizzacyst

“ Yes it can knock your socks off at 12mg or be almost irrelevant at 16mg weird that.” ~ B9

In the ideal circumstance I would perhaps plump for 15mg, but today is far from ideal, and a full freakout is out of the question. I therefore go for 9mg, but still with a little trepidation.

T+0:00 I weigh the pill, break it up, and measure half. It is just over, so the dose is somewhere between 9mg and 10mg. I swallow this with a glass of water. [3:20pm]

T+0:20 A mild headspace is developing, with perhaps enhanced visible colouration, but all is minimal. I wonder if I have taken enough.

T+0:35 The headiness has intensified, and a tingly body feeling has emerged, which is particularly evident in my hands. A familiar psychedelic sheen to my vision is also developing. In terms of mood, there may be a little elevation. All these effects are quite mild, but are now very clear.

T+ 1:00 Little has changed. I resist the temptation to swallow the other half of the pill largely on the basis of a couple of outlier trip reports which claimed a two hour onset.

This is in fact reasonably agreeable. The headiness has a drifting quality, as does vision unless I specifically focus. There is definitely an introspective edge here, which flows quite strongly if I take that direction.

T+1:30 The effects I described on the hour mark have strengthened and stabilised. It is a pleasant enough high, with psychedelic edges, and clear scope for introspection. The headiness is of a slightly different nature to the other 2C psychedelics I have experienced. It has a more hypnotic feel to it, with a sense of falling into an internal state of reverie.

The mind play is the predominant feature, with the tingly body sensation playing alongside. The light visual sheen is still present, but there are no real CEVs or OEVs. Clearly, these emerge with higher doses.

T+2:00 There is no significant euphoria or mood lift. There is, however, a great deal of thought and reflection. As my mind casts on to different topics, I find myself immersed in profound consideration and absorbed in pensive contemplation.

This thinking mode can be relatively pleasant depending upon its focus, and I find myself pro-actively changing the topic of my attention to avoid negative subject matter, and thus unpleasantness.

T+3:00 The intensity has now largely subsided, although the deep thought and introspection do continue to roll.

T+5:00 This is slowly fading towards base, but with the drifting headiness still a notable factor.

T+7:00 I am now left with a low level feeling of contentedness and the normal psychedelic lassitude and fatigue. The show is over, but the dying embers ebb and flow in the background. I am tiring and thinking about sleep.

I retired to bed at 11:30pm, some 8 hours after swallowing the crumbled pill. I slept normally, but awoke with a mild headache. This will have been part of the commonly referenced body load, but it passed quickly.

In his book, PiHKAL, Shulgin states “Several people have said, about 2C-E, ‘I don’t think I like it, since it isn’t that much fun. But I intend to explore it again.’ There is something here that will reward the experimenter.” This is a good summary of my own impression.

This wasn’t bouncy or fun but there was a depth there waiting to be explored. I felt as though I was at the door, peeping inside. I was content but not elevated, and I tended to drift into deep thought. The latter manifestation persisted for a large part of the experience.

A higher dose would probably have made for a more interesting ride, albeit with the potential for some bumps. I may return to this chemical should the opportunity arise, but this isn’t a priority.

Reminder: 2C-E is extremely dose sensitive, and same-dose effects vary considerably from person to person. Exercise caution.

[Shulgin Reference: PiHKAL - #24 (Page 515)]