3.2.9 Morning Glory Seeds

Morning Glory Seeds #

Binomial / Botanical Name Ipomoea Violacea
Street Names Morning Glory; Badoh Negro; Tlitliltzin; La’aja Shnash; Xha’il
Major Active Compound LSA
Indigenous Source Mexico, S America
Form Seeds
RoA Oral
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale +**


Ipomoea Violacea has a lengthy history of sacred and divinatory use, including by the Aztecs, the Chontal Indians and the Zapotec. In fact, in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, it continues to be held in high esteem for its visionary properties to this day.

Regarding preparation, the consensus seems to be that the seeds should be pulverised and added to water, with the resultant concoction being occasionally stirred and then refrigerated or left in a cool place at least overnight. Thereafter, the liquid is strained and drunk.

In his Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants, Rätsch broadly concurs “The fewest side effects result from ingesting a cold-water extract of the ground or crushed seeds. Cold-water extracts have distinct hallucinogenic effects that are, however, not exactly the same as those of LSD.”

The obvious question which arises, of course, is how many seeds should be used in this process? My research indicates that 50-100 is generally considered to be a light dose, 100-250 to be common, with anything over 400 to be heavy.

I opt to sample a relatively mild 100, partly because I am not drawn to the idea of eating so many seeds, and partly on account of having previously experienced HBWS and ololiuqui, both of which are also powered by LSA. I should note, however, that some Internet commentary equates this to about 100mcg of LSD, so in theory at least it should induce a solid experience. I expect an onset of about an hour, with perhaps a duration of around eight hours.

I begin the operation by mercilessly battering the 100 seeds with mortar and pestle. I then tip the wreckage into a half-full bottle of water, and occasionally swish this around. I place this into the fridge, returning occasionally during the day to swish again. I leave the bottle undisturbed overnight, shaking again the next day and then leave it for a second night. The following lunchtime, I strain my concoction into a glass through a scrap from an old shirt. I am ready to go.

T+0:00 I swig the fluid down quickly. It doesn’t taste so bad, although it does feel a little strange to the extent that my normal modus operandi with seeds is to swallow everything, including all the debris. [1:20pm]

T+0:30 Assuming that the concoction worked and the dose was sufficient the ride should soon commence. I already have the impression of a drifting psychedelic headiness, and I am warmer than earlier. Perhaps there is a hint of enhanced coloration in terms of vision. This is all very marginal but there is clearly something there.

T+1:00 There have been no major developments, although the headiness is now more intense. There is a hint of nausea rolling in and out, but only a hint. I feel like I am in the early stages of a trip, but an hour into the experience I do have doubts that it will actually take off and go anywhere.

On the upside, I feel that I have got at least something out of those seeds, which given my less than impressive record for preparations is a positive. With the mildly nauseous edge in the background, I could also, if I was really looking for silver-linings, consider that I have escaped some unpleasantness. I am definitely stretching it here though.

Remaining positive, yes, there is a psychedelic aura here, which ebbs and flows. If this was an LSD trip, at this point I would probably take a little more to intensify proceedings.

T+2:00 Whilst there are no OEVs or CEVS, a mild haze on vision is in play, with a familiar lazy drift as I turn my head. Behind this is the headspace, which has now solidified.

Overall this is reasonably nice, although nothing more. The uplift has been sufficient to remove prior anxieties, and it has created a fairly agreeable ambience.

Comparing it to an LSD dose, I would probably pitch it at around 50mcg. It is not too far away from the mark, and is certainly providing a psychedelic type vibe. Had I crushed the seeds to powder, and attended the concoction more conscientiously, it may have been pushing towards the 100mcg referred to earlier. These seeds have also been lying around for a few years, which may have had an impact on their efficacy.

T +3:00 Unexpectedly, the intensity has faded over the last hour. I ate a light meal 20 minutes ago, but I was already back on the way to base by then. The dying embers are still around, which largely comprise a positive mood and a slight headiness, but the main show appears to be over. Purely speculatively, could the fact that I drank this rather than ate it have played a role in the faster than anticipated turnover?

T+4:00 I am now very much in the afterglow phase.

Eight or so hours after ingestion, I settled into a good night’s sleep, but perhaps with more vivid and recallable dreams than usual. In the morning I still felt some afterglow and headiness, but I was generally fine.

This was nice enough overall, and pretty solid for a while, without reaching any significant heights. It most definitely qualified as light rather than common on the generic scales, which is not to say that it wasn’t pleasant.

A final note on supply: unless you are sure of the source, wash (soapy water) and dry the seeds prior to use, as some suppliers allegedly coat them with chemicals (such as fungicides).