3.3.2 Coca

Coca #

Binomial / Botanical Name Coca
Street Names Coca de Java
Major Active Compound Cocaine
Indigenous Source South America (High Altitude)
Form Leaves
RoA Oral
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale +


I tested coca in its native Peru, whilst on my ayahuasca mission. It was always my intention to sample this, although perhaps not as intensively as I was compelled to when I actually arrived.

Whilst in Cusco, at 11,000 feet, I quickly succumbed to what seemed to be altitude sickness. The local remedy for such a condition, as proffered by hotel staff, shop keepers and other tourists, was to chew coca leaves, and drink coca tea. I did both, in great abundance.

It did appear to induce a mild but clean feeling of stimulation. I am slightly hesitant in stating this categorically because my condition was poor and deteriorating: a general malaise and severe headache made it a difficult reaction to measure. All I really wanted was for the leaves to make me feel a little better. They didn’t.

Of course, I cannot state with any certainty that they didn’t stop me feeling even worse, but the stimulation was quite minor, considering what is often derived from it (cocaine). I should add that, regardless, it was quite pleasant to drink.