2.3.6 4-Me-TMP

4-Me-TMP #

Common Nomenclature 4-Methylmethylphenidate
Street & Reference Names Threo-4-Methylmethylphenidate
Reference Dosage Light 25mg+; Common 40mg+; Strong 60mg+; Heavy 90mg+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 Minutes / 6 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 50mg+25mg+50mg
Form Powder
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK


This was on the market for just a few months in the middle of 2015, having been released shortly after the UK ban on EPH and other phenidates. However, I found it to be a little uninspiring and dull, despite a session of fairly hefty redosing.

It provided an EPH-like functional stimulation, with little recreational action. I felt that something was missing, although I am not sure what.

So disappointing was it that I used it on just the one occasion, and left the rest in its baggy for over two years. It was eventually binned.

To be fair, others have reported far more positively than this, with a handful even citing a recreational edge at high doses.