3.8 Unclassified

Unclassified #

Textbook Definition: A number of botanicals produce effects which do not fit comfortably into any of the previous categories. Some, for example, induce a combination of effects, providing a very distinct experience. Others create differing effects as the experience itself unfolds.

The following botanicals have been sampled and researched for inclusion within this section:

How could you place a psychoactive plant like cannabis, with its huge diversity of effects, under a single classification? Erowid, for example, describes it thus: “Intoxicant; Stimulant; Psychedelic; Depressant”.

What about mapacho, with its knock-out punch and eventual clarity?

What of the mood-lift, the semi-euphoria, and the eventual sedation of kratom?

These are examples of botanicals whose characteristics simply do not sit comfortably under the standard types of classification, as listed earlier in this book.

Those included are notable in terms of popularity, history, or with respect to the experience induced.