2.6.8 MXE


Common Nomenclature Methoxetamine
Street & Reference Names Mexxy; Roflcopter; 3’-MeO-2-Oxo-PCE
Reference Dosage Light 10mg+; Medium 20mg+; Strong 40mg+ [Drugs-Forum]
Threshold 8mg+; Light 10mg+; Common 40mg+; Strong 50mg+ [Erowid]
Threshold 10mg+; Light 15mg+; Common 25mg+; Strong 40mg+; Hole 75mg+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 Minutes / 4 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 50mg
Form Pill
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Head Shop / UK
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale ++


MXE began to appear on the markets at the end of 2010, and was to become popular in a relatively short space of time. It has recently acquired something of a cult status; due in part to production being banned at source (China), causing it to became increasingly difficult to obtain.

At time of writing, its legal status in the United States is unclear, noting that it could be considered to be an analogue of PCE or ketamine. In the UK it was the subject of a TCDO in April 2012, and was classified in February of the following year. I was fortunate to have obtained a sample just a few days prior to this ban.

This was one of my first dissociative adventures, and given its sudden disappearance from the market, my only one with this chemical.

My regret in this context is that I was not able to explore it more deeply, as it was a very positive experience.

Dissociation was not something I approached lightly, and I had read a number of horror stories of people mixing dissociatives with alcohol. I was therefore a little nervous in shovelling perhaps half of my 50mg supply down the hatch.

The action took just a short while to commence: considerably less than an hour. However, as one of the first manifestations was to alleviate my anxiety, the rest of the pill was rapidly consumed. For a period though, there was still a slightly scary edge to proceedings, as everything around me was becoming rather strange.

What followed was a positively charged dissociation, under a mindset of the world around me not being normal, and my perspective not being quite with it in this realm. Weird is such a lame word to use, but it does capture the essence of the ride. At the same time, I was absolutely comfortable with this.

I felt strangely high but not tuned in. I was able to fall into a period of introspection, but also able to focus upon, for example, academic related pursuits on the Internet. This was indeed significantly different to other forms of intoxication.

There was an Alice in Wonderland edge to life: I was fully conscious and aware whilst everything around me had warped slightly, giving it an alien feel. I had retained all my marbles, my clarity and my rationality, but I was witnessing reality as though I wasn’t fully in it. Certainly, I enjoyed it.

Another positive came in the aftermath: I suffered no hangover or noticeable come-down, with a mild afterglow lasting a day or two. I was sorry not to have sampled it earlier.

MXE became the subject of the usual sort of adverse media reporting

MXE became the subject of the usual sort of adverse media reporting