2.3.20 MPA


Common Nomenclature Methiopropamine
Street & Reference Names N/A
Reference Dosage Threshold 10mg+; Light 20mg+; Common 40mg+; Strong 50mg+ [Oral, Erowid]
Threshold 5mg; Light 5mg+; Common 20mg+; Strong 40mg+ [Insufflated, Erowid]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 Minutes / 6 Hours (Oral)
Maximum Dose Experienced 100mg+
Form Pill / Powder
RoA Oral / Insufflated
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK


First reported in the 1940s, methiopropamine appeared on the recreational markets at the end of 2010, and was sold in both powder and pill form.

Whilst I engaged periodically over subsequent years, I never found it to be particularly exciting on its own. It was largely a functional stimulant, with only minor edge.

Self evidently, perhaps, I felt stimulated, but also, I felt under the obvious influence of a chemical. On a high dose, there was a bit of euphoric lift, although this did not feel very natural. Subjectively, it wasn’t the best or smoothest of rides.

However, when combined with compounds which accentuated or added to its edge, the story changed dramatically.

Over this period, MPA was mixed with a variety of empathogens and similar chemicals. Two that spring to mind, and which I researched extensively, are MDAI and NM2AI.

I sampled a number of such brands, which themselves morphed and changed over time. Amongst these were: Sparkle-E (MPA+MDAI, later MPA+5-MeO-DALT), Pink Panther (MPA+MDAI+Others), Green Beans (MPA+NM2AI), M&M (MPA+NM2AI) and GoGaine (MPA+MDAI, later MPA+EPH).

Some of these combinations were extremely effective at inducing experiences inclusive of euphoria, horn, and empathy. At times, their intensity approached that of amphetamine.

In terms of content, an initial wave of change was caused by a shortage of MDAI, which I was told by a head shop vendor was due to the loss of a pre-cursor, resulting from legal issues abroad. Subsequent changes were largely driven by the developing legal landscape in the UK, with MPA itself eventually to become the subject of a Temporary Class Drug Order (TCDO) in November 2015.

Prior to this, there is no doubt that MPA, both stand-alone and combined with other research chemicals, was one of the most widely used substances of the legal high era. I have to admit that I consumed my fair share of this.


One last word and it is a word of warning: psychosis is a real disorder, and excessive dosing, usually combined with consequential sleep deprivation, can lead to it.

On one occasion I felt that I was heading there via a foolhardy binge on GoGaine. During this episode I encountered the shadow people, a common manifestation, which at the time I had never heard of. The shadow people exist in the corner of your eye, in the semi-dark, and the impression is that they are far from friendly.

Whilst this may sound like an intriguing, humorous or interesting phenomenon, it isn’t. It is traumatic and terrifying.

I learned much from that particular episode, and I consider myself to be lucky. Others have not been so lucky. Don’t shortcut the safety measures.