1.3.3 Nasal Care

Nasal Care #

If you insufflate your drugs it is important that you take sensible precautions and that you perform appropriate aftercare. This particularly applies if you use this method regularly. Maintaining a clean environment and sterile equipment is an obvious requirement, but it is surprising how standards can slip whilst under the influence.

Regarding the drug itself, assuming of course that all the steps outlined earlier have been undertaken, it is a good idea to check the constitution of the material. For example, is the powder fine enough? Stating the obvious it is wise to avoid snorting crushed pills, not only on this basis but because they often contain fillers, binding agents and other ingredients, which are not well suited to this RoA.

For nasal irrigation there is a variety of commercial products and tools available. Alternatively, making your own saline solution is a relatively trivial exercise. In either case regular use of this approach is certainly worth considering.

Even my badly stocked local pharmacy had an irrigation option

Even my badly stocked local pharmacy had an irrigation option

The operation itself is simple enough, with a common procedure explained on the UKCR forum:

“The actual practice of nasal lavage is far simpler and less offensive than it might sound. Placing your head over the sink, tilted to one side, insert the nozzle of the bottle into the uppermost nostril, breathe through your mouth and allow the water to pour into your nostril, whereupon it will flow through your nose and out of the other nostril. Sustain this for 20-30 seconds or as long as is comfortable. Tilt your head to the opposite side, and repeat with the other nostril. Once you’ve used about half the solution, blow your nose and repeat. This should help to flush out any residual grot and minimise damage to the nasal mucosa.“ ~ Magick

Frequency is often a matter of personal preference, but this should not become excessive.

If you habitually insufflate use common sense. Don’t disregard the needs of your nose.