2.3.23 Pipradrol

Pipradrol #

Common Nomenclature Pipradrol
Street & Reference Names Meratran
Reference Dosage None Available
Anticipated: Onset / Duration No information available
Maximum Dose Experienced 60mg
Form Crystal
RoA Insufflated
Source / Jurisdiction Gift / Overseas


Pipradrol was developed in the 1940’s and was used to treat a variety of mental health conditions, including dementia and ADHD. Its abuse potential was such that from the late 70s it was banned across a number of countries, including the United States (schedule IV) and the UK (class C).

A sample fell into my hands more by accident than design. However, despite a lack of reference data and its limited history of recreational use, for the purposes of this book I decided to test it.

T+0:00 I weigh 60mg of the crystal like structures. They crush easily with a credit card and I arrange them in three lines of approx 20mg each.

I snort a single line. [4:47pm]

T+0:05 I feel nothing other than a slight tingle, which could in fact be a placebo effect. There is a hint of headspace developing: perhaps.

T+0:20 I can now feel a little head stimulation, but nothing intrusive. I insufflate the next 20mg, hoping for more.

This is not painless to snort, but is not a serious problem either.

T+0:40 There has been no change since the 20 minute mark. Given that the first line must now be in full effect, and the second should be developing, I am rather underwhelmed.

T+0:45 The final 20mg is hoovered, taking the total to 60mg.

T+0:50 I’m in that place again, the one which I can only describe as nice. It is mildly pleasant, but nothing else. There is no excitement or intensity: just a very minor glow and warmness.

I am hoping that this goes further, but not expecting it to do so.

T+1:00 An hour in and I seem to be at the peak, which is broadly as described on the 50 minute mark.

T+3:00 The glow I referred to earlier continued for a while, and then faded. I am now more or less back to base.

T+16:00 I retired at the usual time and had a normal night. I experienced no problem at all with sleep.

Now, either I am a hard head, which I am not, or there is cross tolerance in play, which I doubt, or this is extremely mild, at least at this sort of dose. It was very disappointing.

Note that in the context of pipradrol as a medicine, Wikipedia states that:

Dosage is between 0.5 and 4 milligrams per day, typically taken as a single dose in the morning as the long duration of effects of pipradrol (up to 12 hours) means insomnia can be a problem especially if it is used at higher doses or taken too late in the day”.

Given this statement, I wouldn’t want to push this any higher than I did with this test. I almost certainly went too far.

My verdict, therefore, is that pipradrol offers too little to be of significant recreational interest.