2.2.2 1cP-LSD

1cP-LSD #

Common Nomenclature 1-Cyclopropionyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide
Street & Reference Names Curie
Reference Dosage Light 25ug+; Common 50ug+; Strong 100ug+; [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 40 Minutes / 8 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 75ug
Form Blotter
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Dealer / Overseas
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale ++*


1cP-LSD emerged some years after my first experiments with the other lysergamides. It appears to have been developed (again by Lizard Labs) in anticipation of the prohibition of 1P-LSD in Germany, and it appeared on the markets circa 2019. Like 1P-LSD it is widely considered to constitute a prodrug of LSD.

As a newly developed research chemical, third party experience reports were scarce at time of testing. However, what was available generally suggested a shorter duration than 1p/LSD, with possibly a calmer onset and greater head clarity. They were largely positive in nature. I also found regular suggestions that 1cP was slightly stronger than its sister compounds.

The following paragraph as found in a Reddit post includes these themes and others:

“However, do feel that 1cP-LSD has an extra quality that 1P-LSD or ALD-52 is perhaps lacking. It feels more rounded, more vibrant, more intelligent. My thoughts remain clear and I remained in command of them, easily directing them to navigate different areas of my consciousness. The visual profile of the trips were energetic, electric and inextricably connected to my thoughts and fantasy within my mind.” ~ crypto1471

My expectations, as framed by this research, were of a very similar but shorter ride than 1P/LSD, perhaps with greater intensity in some aspects.

Regarding dose, given the alleged relative strength, I elect to target the middle of the common range (according to TripSit) with my first encounter. This does seem on the low side in the context of my usual forays with 1P, but for a first experience with a new compound it is certainly a common sense approach.

T+0:00 I cut a 100ug blotter into quarters and remove one of them, leaving 75ug or so. I swill this down the hatch with a glass of water. [11:30am]

T+0:45 Having napped for about 20 minutes I awake to the beginnings of the onset of the experience. The familiar lysergamidic headspace is emerging, with clarity if I bring focus into play, and my vision now includes the characteristic sheen.

T+1:00 I feel relatively at ease whilst I attempt to distinguish this from the equivalent dose under 1P. If pushed I might suggest a more mellow introduction. I am not enveloped by any sense of warmth at present, either mentally or indeed physically, as I turn up the heating.

T+2:00 I feel subjectively that I am tripping reasonably solidly for a 75ug dose of 1P, and may still be on the incline. There are suggestions of CEVs but nothing substantive thus far, although the OEV sheen is somewhat heavier than it was earlier.

Mentally I can drift in and out of the psychedelic aura, becoming lost when within and quite analytical when out. Overall I do feel quite comfortable.

I feel it is probably a good time to venture outside, perhaps seeking nature. Despite a chill in the air there is warmth in the sun when it occasionally breaks through.

T+3:00 I walked for half an hour, during which I never quite connected with nature and I felt largely functional, with the psychedelia pushed into the background. However, on landing home I am partially immersed into a drifting world of thoughts and colours. Indeed, closing my eyes the CEVs become apparent in the form of the structured incandescently drifting of geometric colours.

The OEV sheen is stronger than ever as the walls begin to exhibit movement: not fully breathing but floating on delicate waves of motion. As I look through the window, the outside world appears to be moving independently to the interior. Items at different depths of vision move gently against each other as though they are separate and superimposed.

I decide that this may well be stronger than a normal ride on this dose of other lysergamides.

Another 25ug would have taken me significantly further.

All the usual physical and tactile enhancements appear to be available, depending upon my chosen focus. This no longer feels like a trivial dose, and possibly serves as a good introduction to the new chemical.

I sense that I am peaking. This is a very pleasing state of mind. I lie on a bed again and slide away.

T+4:00 I awake to shake myself from slumber. The OEVs and CEVs are still very much in play. I sense that I am commencing the comedown, certainly to the extent that full functionality seems to be available.

I test my mental acuity with a game of bullet chess against a 2650 ranking bot on chess.com. I make a go of it but the end-game goes pear shaped. Not the worst performance, but the thought occurs that the development of a dose/performance curve would be interesting, and I wonder what the optimal dose might be.

T+5:00 I am descending pretty quickly at this point. The visuals have to all intents and purposes subsided, and the headspace has lost its edge. However over the next hour I still manage to cry over a two-minute movie-clip on YouTube (of a film I’ve never seen), eat a bland meal which I convince myself tastes sumptuous (courtesy of black pepper and some sort of creamy yoghurt cucumber and mint dip), and burst out of the front door startling the lady living opposite as she drives away. Finally I enjoy watching a quirky articulation of Bayesian thinking on my PC.

T+6:00 I have now reached the dying embers and the afterglow.

At 10pm I retired to bed riding 0.5mg of etizolam. I awoke in the morning feeling mentally fatigued but otherwise half-decent.

Despite the limited dose this was a good experience. I felt that it was slightly stronger than 1P, with subtle but noticeable differences throughout, and there did seem to be more clarity in parts; perhaps greater control. This of course is all entirely subjective. However, I will certainly enjoy testing the remaining 3.25 blotters in my stash.