2.6.10 N2O

N2O #

Common Nomenclature Nitrous Oxide
Street & Reference Names Hippy Crack; Nitro; NOS; Laughing Gas; Nangs
Reference Dosage N/A
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 Seconds / 3 Minutes
Maximum Dose Experienced 2 Canisters
Form Gas
RoA Inhaled
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale ++


At time of writing (2017) this is extremely popular, particularly on the club scene.

For my own experiment, I elected to use the balloon method, which is commonly considered to provide one of the safer forms of inhalation. Using a device known as an N2O Cracker, two canisters were blown into a balloon. The content of this was then inhaled and held. This had an immediate effect, in that my headspace dissipated and appeared to distance from my physical being, but it was quick; too quick. It was a wham bam type of hit, with little fulfilment or pleasure.

During the aftermath I felt strangely calm and was almost sedated for a period, at least to a small degree. Perhaps this is part of the attraction, but for me, it wasn’t a particularly rewarding experience.

I have an inkling that starting from a different state of mind might provide a more positive outcome, and in some cases, act as a reset button in terms of mood. I should add, however, that this is largely speculation.