3.4 Sedatives

Sedatives #

Textbook Definition: Sedatives can produce a calming or relaxing effect, such that stress, irritability or agitation is reduced. In some cases they can produce hypnotic anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant and a range of other effects.

The following botanicals have been sampled and researched for inclusion within this section:

That certain botanicals can be used to alleviate anxiety, sedate, or simply induce relaxation and mood chill, is hardly the best kept secret in the world. However, less well known are perhaps the often subtle variations of these states, their consequential and inherent nature, and the sheer number of plant species which can invoke them. Those subtle variations can shape the entire character of the experience, adding edges which hint at or embrace other properties (e.g. psychedelic, oneirogenic). Whilst some are mild in nature, others are not, and for many, the chosen route of administration is a central matter.

Related to RoA is the set and setting of the occasion. As with other botanical classes, many have their roots in ancient practices, and mindset can be all-important in deriving the requisite ride. With respect to this, I find that it helps to make an effort to relax and meditate into the experiment, and if possible, seek to engage in the authentic ritual itself, whether it is smoking, or brewing and sipping tea.