3.5 Nootropics

Nootropics #

Textbook Definition: Nootropics improve or enhance one or more cognitive functions, such as memory, focus and creativity.

The following botanicals have been sampled and researched for inclusion within this section:

I was always sceptical about nootropics, having serious doubts that any of them were genuinely effective.

At time of writing this section, I had experimented with a handful of chemicals, but never in terms of repeated daily dosing, which tends to be the modus operandi for this class of substance. The effects of these was usually to invoke some sort of stimulation, but nothing to convince me that any measure of cognitive enhancement had actually occurred.

The jury remained out, and I wasn’t prepared to take what I perceived to be risks with my safety and long term health by creating a regular dosing regime.

The idea that a botanical could produce nootropic effects didn’t occur to me. Indeed, I wasn’t aware that such properties were even claimed; until I saw celastrus paniculatus on sale, courtesy of a popular botanical website.

That this plant could actually produce a tangible nootropic experience, on a single dose, was the last thing I expected. But it did. Furthermore, it isn’t the only botanical for which this sort of effect is claimed.

Again, given my self-imposed limitations, I cannot do justice to this particular field, other than to present details of my own introductory experimentation. However, it is certainly an area deserving of further research, which I will undertake if and when the opportunity arises.

Botanical nootropics are worth far more than a scratch of the surface