3.4.16 Passion Flower

Passion Flower #

Binomial / Botanical Name Passiflora
Street Names Passion Vines
Major Active Compound Harmala Alkaloids
Indigenous Source Pantropical
Form Stems/Leaves/Flowers
RoA Oral
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale + [Oneirogenic +*]


It should be noted at the outset that passiflora is an MAOI*, meaning that you should thoroughly research prior to its use with any other compound or botanical. Better still do not use it in the chronological proximity of any other drug use. Abstain for at least a few days before and after unless you really know what you are doing.

Passiflora is one of the most commonly used botanicals in this class, and is often sold as an aid to combat insomnia, including by major retail chains.

I have only used it a couple of times, primarily because I found it to be a little rough. It did seem to help induce sleep, but the sleep cycles were somewhat distinct, and I tended to consciously awake between them.

Did I dream? Yes, but due to the abruptness of the cycles, these were not particularly satisfying episodes. However, it could well be that knowledge of the above matters was a contributory factor to in the framing of this experience.

See Section 4.8.1 and the entries for Changa and Syrian Rue for further information