2.3.22 PPH


Common Nomenclature Propylphenidate
Street & Reference Names N/A
Reference Dosage Light 15mg+; Common 25mg+; Strong 60mg+; Heavy 100mg+ [Oral, TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 5 Minutes / 2 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 36mg (21mg+15mg)
Form Powder
RoA Insufflation
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK


Propylphenidate (PPH) was one of a number of methylphenidate related chemicals banned in the UK via a TCDO in April 2015. As this came shortly after its release, it had a very limited period of open sale. Falling under the same axe were Ethylphenidate, 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate, Methylnaphthidate and Isopropylphenidate. Fortunately, I had obtained a small sample of 250mg a few weeks earlier, and was able to test it just in time.

Dosage information had yet to become established, particularly for insufflation, so I elected to proceed with particular caution.

T+0:00 Tipping the packet gently, 21mg pops out of the bag. I line it up and snort. It stings, making my right eye water. I feel the chemical burn as it subsequently rolls down the back of my throat. [4:22pm]

T+0:05 I can already feel something coming-on as the pain dissipates. A mild head warmth emerges, and a general stimulation is suddenly present.

T+0:10 This has settled down now, into a low level background sort of mode. I feel fine, more alive than I did, and perhaps with a slight mood lift.

T+0:15 Thus far this is completely functional, with no horn or other distinguishing features. I still have the foul taste at the back of my throat.

T+0:25 There has been no significant change since the onset. Perhaps my head now feels a strange heaviness, and I am warmer. As this is almost certainly the last time I will sample this compound, I am considering a redose of perhaps 10mg, to move into more commonly referenced territory. Can I face that pain though?

T+0:30 I summon the courage and snort the 15mg that falls out of the bag. I bin the rest as a precaution. This isn’t to say that I believe there is much chance of compulsive redosing.

T+0:45 Perhaps I feel more elevated than previously, and I am certainly content. This is nowhere near to the main (illegal) stims, but is fairly pleasing in its own steady way (apart from the now runny nose).

T+0:55 I feel that I have stabilised at this point, as per the last update. I check my blood pressure. It is 152/78: elevated but only slightly. Pulse rate is hovering above 60, which again, isn’t far off the mark.

T+1:00 Whilst on this plateau I feel generally comfortable. This isn’t bad, but relatively, it isn’t a high flying ride. It’s just pleasant, at least at this dose. Without the assurance of popular use, I wouldn’t really wish to push it any higher.

T+2:00 On the two hour mark I am still under the influence, although perhaps at a reduced level. I feel a somewhat heavy type of head buzz, albeit minor in nature, and a bit of a tingly feel to my face and arms. My hands are a little chilly.

T+3:00 I am slowly coming-down, and hoping that the night’s sleep isn’t too badly affected. My poor nostril remains uncomfortable. However, I am able to eat normally (so no real appetite suppression), and socialise as usual.

T+16:00 I spent the rest of the evening blowing my nose, and as feared the night’s sleep was rather disturbed, at least until the early hours. This morning I feel broadly within normal parameters.

I didn’t expect this to light any fires, and it didn’t. However, apart from the painful insufflation, it was quite pleasant if a little underwhelming. Had it remained on the market it may have found a niche as part of a combination or blend, but I doubt that it would have ever been a big hitter in terms of popularity. It isn’t a chemical I would ever have made a habit of using.