2.7.2 MDA


Common Nomenclature 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine
Street & Reference Names Sally; Sassafras; Sass; Tenamfetamine
Reference Dosage Threshold 30mg+; Common (Most People) 100mg+; Required By Few 145mg+ [Erowid]
Threshold 20mg+; Light 40mg+; Common 60mg+; Strong 100mg+; Heavy 145mg+ [Psychonautwiki]
Light 30mg+; Common 40mg+; Strong 80mg+; Heavy 120mg+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 Minutes / 5 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 80mg
Form Crystal
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Dealer / Overseas


Whilst MDA was first synthesized in 1910, and was subsequently tested and used for various medicinal purposes, it didn’t emerge as a recreational drug until the 1960’s. Its effects are often compared to those of MDMA, although there appears to be a number of significant differences, not least its apparent variability, a greater stimulation and a stronger psychedelic edge.

It is currently a Schedule 1 controlled drug in the US and a Class A drug in the UK.

Regarding dose, MDA is often cited as requiring about half as much as MDMA to approximate the same level of effect. Listed in PiHKAL (#100), Shulgin referred to a dosage of 80-160mg, whilst across Internet forums a decent dose is sometimes claimed to be 1mg per kg (about 75mg for the average man). This is broadly what I will be pitching at.

Note that at time of testing I have become particularly cautious with drugs in this class due to hangovers following a couple of recent experiments. Internet references to neurotoxicity, with some citing MDA specifically, have further tempered my enthusiasm for a more substantial foray.

T+0:00 I measure 80mg and bomb it in folded rizla paper. [4.00pm]

T+0:30 A mild headiness is developing along with a slight tingling of the skin, which is enveloped within an increasing general comfort. This is coming on quickly.

My pupils are already partly dilated.

T+0:40 I am now high. There is a very strong cognitively immersed euphoric feel to this, and a strong empathogenic drive. Horn is also clearly available.

I am heating up quickly, so I am keeping well topped up with water, even at this early stage.

I already know that 80mg was a plentiful dose and wonder with a little trepidation how much further this will go.

T+1:10 This is a heady, sweaty, serene-like experience, with a sex drive and a trippy edge. I am probably in the upper ++ Shulgin range at the moment, hovering towards +++.

I can just about interact sensibly, but would fail with any complex or serious social challenge, at least in terms of hiding my condition.

It is a pleasant enough roll, but with a little anxiety surfacing now and again on the basis that it could go higher and beyond my ability to manage it.

T+1:20 For the first time I feel that I may be getting on top of this: possibly.

I am rather hot and clammy, my mind is high with a strong drifty aura, and I feel very empathetic. There is a touch of psychedelia lurking there too, which impacts upon clarity.

T+1:40 I am now in more control of the experience, which remains strong. Whilst the general warmth is a heavy physical feature, there are occasional shivers. I know in these cold snaps that it would be a mistake to add clothing as my temperature is clearly elevated.

The empathetic quality of the high is still a dominant factor, with a strong urge for intimacy. It is glaringly obvious why its sister, MDMA, is sometimes referred to as the love drug. I should stress though that in most respects MDA does seem to be more cognitively embracing than MDMA.

I am in the middle of ++ territory, as it ebbs and flows.

T+2:00 Although I am still in command of my mindset, I am warmer than ever: I am actually sweating. I don’t feel uncomfortable with this, with the buzzing high carrying me along. However, I can absolutely understand how people become dehydrated, and indeed over-hydrated, as measuring the appropriate intake of fluid is not a trivial task. I sip sensibly rather than gulping heavily.

T+2:45 I am very much rolling, and perhaps still in the midst of a ++. The headspace remains in situ as a nice rounded high, and I am still hot and still drinking fluid. Drinking alcohol with this would clearly be reckless and dangerous.

I do feel jaw tension and the urge to gurn, but I am able to resist.

T+3:10 I manage to eat a full meal without too much difficulty. It was very slow going but there were no issues, and taste was fine.

T+4:00 I have moved down a gear or so, but I am still drifting along.

T+6:00 I am now floating down towards base. However, a sudden unexpected visit from a neighbour demonstrates that I am still, in fact, quite heavily influenced.

During the next few hours I edge towards normality but still sustain a drifting headspace as I retire to bed at midnight (T+ 8 hours).

The night’s sleep wasn’t too bad, with only a couple of disturbances, largely caused by the volume of water I drank.

In the morning my head was slightly heavy, and I was still a little warm. My pupils were also partly dilated, particularly the left. Presumably this all indicates that the MDA hangs around in the system for quite a while. The accompanying tiredness and mental fatigue eased during the day.

Perhaps also noteworthy is that a couple of nights later I had an extremely vivid dream, the nature of which indicated that this intake of MDA may have been related, particularly with respect to the stimulation of those receptors associated with hallucinogenic effects.

Make no mistake about it, this was a strong roll. 80mg came on fast and whisked me away with a head and body high that took me to the edge. Had I taken what is purported to be a strong dose I have little doubt that I would have careered off the path.

Caution should be exercised both with dose and frequency of use.