2.7.7 Methylone

Methylone #

Common Nomenclature 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone
Street & Reference Names MDMC; βk-MDMA; M1; Ease; Explosion
Reference Dosage Threshold 60mg+; Light 100mg+; Common 100mg+; Strong 160mg+; Very Strong 250mg+ [Drugs-Forum]
Light 100mg+; Common 150mg+; Strong 200mg+; Heavy 300mg+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 Minutes / 3 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 130mg+45mg
Form Powder
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Dealer / Overseas


Methylone was first synthesised in the mid 1990’s by Peyton Jacob III and Alexander Shulgin. Under the name explosion and various others it was to emerge as a popular recreational drug a decade later.

Whilst it was legally available, methylone was often mis-sold as MDMA, although it is widely suggested to be less empathogenic and more stimulating. Certainly, it produces a shorter experience.

It was classified in the UK in 2010 and scheduled in the US in 2011.

As Erowid cited reports of “worrying heart rate and blood pressure increases” as well as chest pains at higher doses, I elected to go low. This decision was re-enforced by the relative scarcity of dosage information, and in some cases, its ambiguity.

Note that I had allergy tested with approximately 5mg some weeks earlier.

T+0:00 175mg of the clumpy white powder is carefully measured. 130mg is bombed in cigarette paper with a glass of water. [16:50]

The remaining 45mg is held back for a potential redose, to be taken should events proceed along a steady and enjoyable path.

T+0:15 There are familiar signs that something is afoot, with my hands feeling slightly cold and clammy.

T+0:20 A headspace is starting to emerge. There is a general drifting feeling, which is fairly neutral but not unpleasant.

T+0:30 I am now unmistakably under the influence. My head has a nice buzz about it, and I feel slightly uplifted, albeit not enormously so. My hands are still a little clammy but I feel increasingly content.

T+0:40 I feel quite ramped up, and indeed high, although I am fully functional and lucid if I need to be.

The vibe is quite pleasing and I feel a general warmth, and certainly, the mood lift is very evident.

I do feel slight chest trembles but nothing alarming at this stage.

T+0:50 The experience seems to have settled on to a plateau of general well being with a dreamy stimulation in play. The word to describe it is probably nice, given that it is not overly exhilarating or exciting.

T+1:00 I can see why there are comparisons with MDMA, as it does have a mild empathogenic feel, and it would probably come into its own in a social situation, particularly amongst other users.

I consume the remaining 45mg, taking the total dose to the pre-determined 175mg.This is well into the common range according to the harm reduction websites, edging towards strong.

Given the health warnings referred to earlier, this will be sufficient. I have no intention of diverting from my original plan.

T+1:20 There has been no significant change for the last half hour, and I remain in a place of relative contentment. I still feel warm, and of a generally positive disposition, with the semi-euphoric buzz remaining steady.

The minor chest discomfort, which I experienced earlier, has now faded.

T+1:45 There is now slightly more intensity to the headspace, which is presumably due to the extra 45mg kicking in.

All other aspects remain at the same or similar levels.

There is no compulsive horn, but no stim-dick either.

I check my pupils and they remain relatively normal. My blood pressure and pulse are elevated at a worrying 183/94 and 69 respectively.

T+2:15 I believe that the experience is now at a lower level of intensity than it was earlier. I am still enjoying the serenity of the high, which is pleasant and fairly gentle in nature.

T+3:00 I am now drifting back to baseline. The headspace is dissipating slowly but surely, and the body warmth is fading.

T+3:15 I drink some fruit juice, have something to eat, and I am more or less back to base.

In line with expectations, this was a fairly gentle ride. Whilst the comparisons with MDMA are hard to escape, it was much shorter acting, and as suggested in advance, there was more stimulation and a clearer uplift.

It hinted at going further, but given the dose restraint, it remained within sensible parameters. It was positive and pleasing throughout.

The following morning I had a slight headache, and for a couple of days I was aware that I was still experiencing the aftermath. To some degree sleep was also interrupted, with a not too pleasant headiness evident when I awoke. These symptoms occurred despite the usual self-practiced aftercare, such as exercise, vitamin pills, plenty of healthy food, and so forth.

Having stated all this, these ailments were not on the scale of a heavy MDMA come-down, but they did linger.

Although this was a good experience, one or two worrying signs were clearly evident. The body load and the potential risks should not be dismissed lightly.

Tread carefully if you intend to use this.