2.6.1 3-HO-PCP

3-HO-PCP #

Common Nomenclature 3-Hydroxyphencyclidine
Street & Reference Names 3hopcp
Reference Dosage Light 2mg+; Common 5mg+; Strong 5mg+; Heavy 8mg+ [Oral, TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 90 minutes / 6 hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 2mg
Form Powder
RoA Insufflated
Source / Jurisdiction Dealer / Overseas
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale ++


I approached this chemical with a significant degree of apprehension. This largely stemmed from the fact that it is an analogue of PCP (phencyclidine) which reportedly causes much higher rates of mania and psychosis than other dissociatives. Media reports around this have, over the years, created a substantial amount of infamy, and have contributed to the wide scale popularity of street names such as angel dust, rocket fuel and sherm.

At time of testing, 3-HO-PCP is one of its lesser known analogues, even though it was first synthesised back in 1978. I chose it rather than the more popular 3-MEO-PCP largely because existing field reports subjectively seemed to be less erratic in content and nature.

Having stated this, I may be somewhat in the margins with this perspective as in addition to direct warnings regarding dose and risk, Psychonautwiki, for example, states that:

There are also reports that suggest this compound may produce more physical side effects such as muscle soreness and flu-like symptoms during or shortly after administration. This suggests it may be uniquely more dangerous or toxic than related dissociatives, particularly at higher doses.

Another safety matter is the problem of bladder damage, as documented for ketamine and a number of other dissociatives. Does this apply here? I can’t find anything conclusive but this remains in the back of my mind.

Published papers didn’t offer much comfort regarding the safety of this drug

Published papers didn’t offer much comfort regarding the safety of this drug

In terms of dose, the consensus on the Reddit post I am currently reading is that well under 5mg is more than sufficient for a first time user. Given the horror stories dotted around the Internet I intend to heed this advice. I weigh 20mg, halve it with a card, halve it again and then halve it a third time; in theory leaving around 2mg or so. I am aware of the obvious lack of precision with this method, which is a further extenuation for the cautious approach I am taking.

I also note that the doses specified on the usual harm reduction websites are for oral consumption. However, a significant number of users do insufflate, which these days is my preferred method, so I elect to take this route. That generically suggested doses for insufflation are often lower than for oral is yet another justification for going low.

T+0.00 I snort the powder using my right nostril [11.50am]. I did read on several forums that this drug has an opiate-like aspect to it. Perhaps this will alleviate the slight anxiety I am experiencing in starting this experiment.

T+0.45 Onset is commonly cited as being the best part of two hours, but I do detect a slight change of headspace in that I feel a little distant. At the same time there is something of a tingly numbness about my hands (although these are arguably contradictory terms).

T+1.30 I feel warm and I am a little flushed, with now a hint of dissociation in play: everything seems slightly different in terms of sensory input. This is not at all as dramatic as encountered on some of my ephenidine trips (for example), but a similar edge is present. I remain in full control of my faculties.

T+3.00 This is already an interesting experience. I sense that I am not far above threshold (which is undoubtedly true), but the dissociation, whilst not particularly distinct, is solid. I am warm, with the numbness still apparent, and with a rounded and contented disposition (recalling those opioid references). There is also some potential for horn, which I don’t usually find with this class of drug.

There is a peculiar heady quality to this; not a headache but a presence which may develop. The trip itself is a little wearing as I discern an air of fatigue, but it is pleasant by most metrics.

T+4.20 I have the impression that the ride is now a little less intense, and that I am in afterglow territory. There is still some headiness there, I am a little chilly with the numb edge about my fingers remaining, but I am most certainly homeward bound. I also note at this point that the time has passed extremely quickly, and I recall that this is a common manifestation with this class of drug.

T+5.00 In terms of significant action this is now over. The mild afterglow continues and I am left feeling generally content, with a slightly dreamy headspace.

From this point the effects ebbed away quite quickly, leaving a somewhat balmy feel and perhaps the hint of a headache, which persisted until the next morning. The night’s sleep wasn’t the worst and regarding the aftermath I felt a degree of reset, as per other dissociatives (and of course psychedelics).

This was in fact quite a decent experience, tempting a potential return. Indeed, I did intend to schedule another ride at a higher dose, but now I am not so sure that, having documented the basics and with the issues previously discussed in mind, I will follow through.

NOTE: The following day the beginnings of a cold seemed to be emerging. This eventually turned out to be COVID-19. I have no idea how this influenced this experiment, if at all.