2.7.5 MEAI


Common Nomenclature 5-Methoxy-2-indanamine
Street & Reference Names Chaperon
Reference Dosage N/A
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 2 Hours / 4 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 25mg+15mg+15mg
Form Powder
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale +


The development of MEAI was greeted by the unprecedented: positive reports by the mainstream media. Even the most insidious of propagandists, the Daily Mail, refrained from its usual hysteria, with a report under the banner headline “Could a legal high that mimics ecstasy stop people from boozing? Party drug is patented for use as “binge mitigation agent”. The more credible New Scientist led with “Could a legal high that mimics ecstasy stop people from boozing? Party drug is patented for use as “binge mitigation agent”.

MEAI was reputedly designed by the inventor of mephedrone, Dr Zee, and donated to Professor David Nutt’s charitable research group DrugScience. However, the chemical itself didn’t find its way to the clearnet for over a year. Strangely, when it did, despite this free publicity, the uptake was muted.

Trip reports were also extremely thin on the ground. Other than the initial dose-unspecified sorties covered in the above media articles, I could only find a couple of direct first-hand accounts, both of which were posted on the same forum.

The first post specified a dose of 13mg, with an additional 10mg added later. The second report cited 15mg. The threshold dose stated on the vendor’s website was 5-8mg.

For my own experiment, I weighed 20mg on my scales, which was possibly 2-3mg more, given my clumsiness. Whilst this was the highest single dose I had ever seen posted, this did appear to be reasonable, given the overall context. Note that I had performed a small allergy test a month or so earlier.

T+0.00 Bombing it on an empty stomach with water, the taste is a little like MDAI, but not quite as foul. I sit around, tinkering on my PC, and wait. I occasionally stroll around the house. [6pm].

T+0.30 I feel nothing at all, which is expected, given the anticipated 2 hour onset. I put the kettle on and sip on a cup of chamomile tea.

T+1.00 A slight buzz-like haze has developed, but with clarity if I focus. I also feel a degree of contentedness. It is very mild, but it is there.

T+1.30 There is no significant change at this point, other than an increase in intensity. It has a mild drifty feel, but with the ability to sharpen at will. There is also some sort of mellow intoxication emerging. I am content, but hoping for more to happen.

I deliberately think about alcohol. Would I like a beer? Not really, but I didn’t want one beforehand, so perhaps this doesn’t add much. Could I actually drink a beer? Yes, I believe so.

Is there horn? Is there any particular enhancement or additional libido or drive? There could be something minimal, but it’s not manic by any means. However, unlike with alcohol use, I would be functional.

T+2.00 The effects appear to have become more established. I note that I have dilated pupils, although not full saucers. Simultaneously, I feel like I am on a plateau and that this will go no further.

I feel a little intoxicated, and as the online reports mentioned, if I thought of this from a certain perspective I could describe it as being slightly drunk, but without being groggy. In other words, a mild inebriation, with clarity, and no urge to act like an ego-inflated jerk. There is not really any euphoria, but there is a head buzz and a little sedation.

Would this stop me drinking if I had a nice pint of beer in front of me, as suggested by the media? Not at this point.

Would I drink a pint of fluid instead of beer, if it contained MEAI and tasted pleasant? Yes, I probably would.

I am hungry, which has nothing to do with the MEAI: I haven’t eaten since lunch time. However, this chemical clearly doesn’t suppress appetite, as many stimulants do. The food itself tastes normal.

This is not unpleasant, but it is not particularly thrilling either. Quite nice is probably a good way of putting it. There’s psychoactivity there, via a hazy high and other mild symptoms, but there is no significant oomph. I feel content and what could probably be termed slightly merry in an alcohol context (but with less fuzz and more clarity).

I’m quite capable of holding a conversation in an unimpaired manner. I am also capable of precise and rational thought, and performing non-trivial tasks, but at the same time I feel that I am under the influence. In a social setting this could provide the basis for positive interaction and relaxation.

T+3.00 The show now seems to be over, in that I am settling back to base. There is nothing negative to report. I still feel well and relatively positive, but the buzz is dissipating.

This was a decent sojourn, with some parallels to alcohol, but with the worst elements missing. This makes it fairly mild and gentle, but not particularly exciting, at least at this dose. However, I do like its short acting nature, which presumably could be extended by redosing.

It could be argued that these effects lie somewhere between MDAI and alcohol.

A social setting may well provide its niche, as apparently targeted. Bear in mind that for my experiment I was sat at a PC and moving around a house, which wasn’t going to light any fires. It would be interesting to learn what it is like when used outdoors, or in company (either with soberistas or alcohol drinkers).

Would I use it again? Yes. I might well explore in the latter scenario, or increase the dose (although this remains tricky to gauge, as no-one else seems to be using it).


A dose of 55mg over several hours was not noticeably different to the above. Indeed, possibly due to other factors, the effects were less pronounced, and a minor feeling of malaise was felt. These could easily have been coincidental.

Whilst I dropped off fairly easily, the night’s sleep was a little disturbed, which again, could have nothing at all to do with the substance. I awoke feeling absolutely normal.

On the basis of the above experiences, I suspect that had this been released by one of the bigger vendors, and a year or so before the generic UK ban took effect, it may well have flown. Equally, like MDAI, it may have become an ingredient of a head shop or online blend.