2.2.1 1P-LSD

1P-LSD #

Common Nomenclature 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide
Street & Reference Names 1plsd
Reference Dosage Threshold 20ug+; Light 25ug+; Medium 50ug+ Strong 150ug+ [Drugs-Forum]
Light 50ug+; Common 100ug+; Strong 150ug+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 1 Hour / 10 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 150ug
Form Blotter
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale +++


When 1P-LSD appeared on the markets towards the end of 2014 it was immediately recognised that its effects were identical, or near identical, to those of LSD itself.

This was also my experience. Thus, in logging my personal research, it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to add a new perspective to the countless reports and monologues that have been produced over the years. Instead, I will simply map generic features and insights, rather than delve into the content or substance of any single or specific trip.

As with most chemicals of this class, I procured the tabs directly from Lizard Labs, which already had a reputation for bringing high quality and novel psychedelics to the online market. IP-LSD was to become its most well known creation, and was widely distributed through other vendors.

As usual with dosage, I started small and built up. In fact I started very small, with a microdose.

Herein lies another dimension to this particular psychedelic: some people microdose on a daily or regular basis. This is commonly claimed to enhance mental or visual acuity or insight, to counter depression, to increase creativity or productivity, and so forth.

That’s an aside. My microdose tests were simply intended to dip my toe into the water, to get a feel for the drug, and to gain some assurance regarding its quality and safety.

As I built up the dose the experiences became richer and more influential. Music was dramatically enhanced, as were computer visuals, and vision generally became more interesting. There’s something about the vibrancy of colouration on 1P-LSD or LSD which seems to be a universal constant.

The headspace was always extremely pleasant, and a wonderful feeling of oneness with the universe increased with dose. This is an aspect well worthy of focus in its own right, as I found the same as virtually everyone else who has written on this facet: specifically that nature is a truly wonderful place in which to experience it. I frequently gazed around in astonishment, seeing, feeling, indeed witnessing, the interconnectedness, of…. everything.

I recall, on one particular trip, stepping out into the garden during a warm sunny evening. I was at one with nature, as the swarms swirled around plants and bushes, all in perfect harmony. The sky was simply beautiful as clouds drifted effortlessly across. At one point I lay horizontal on the grass and simply watched. Everything evoked a sense of wonder, as I drank in an experience which was all around me.

Goodness knows what sort of spectacle I would have made had anyone been looking through their window and witnessed my astonishment. It was a oneness that only someone who has been there can possibly understand. I didn’t just see it or hear it, I was part of it, and actually felt the whole within myself.

This was an entirely different type of ego-shattering drama to the unfoldments of ayahuasca, for example. It was beauty and bliss within its own boundless terms.

Words will always fail, and can never properly describe the quality or depths of the sensations and perceptions which are unlocked. Indeed, I have experienced so many beautiful moments, and I believe learned much, through the use of this remarkable drug.

The onset of a typical 1P-LSD trip usually took about an hour, with indications that changes were afoot beginning well before this. This was a gentle incline, barely perceived during its early stages, with hints slowly manifesting here and there, and steadily strengthening.

The duration was always lengthy, with the often quoted 8-12 hours not being far off the mark. It should be noted that the peak was considerably shorter than this, and fully functional control was always established well before the end.

Mild after effects of lassitude, and a feeling of being drained, sometimes persisted into the next day. However, for me, these minor discomforts were always well worth enduring, given the perceived positives and benefits which came with the overall exercise.


There’s a neat video on YouTube, the chorus of which perfectly sums up the feeling I experience following a 1P-LSD trip: “I wish I’d gone deeper but I’m not so brave”.

This is an unspoken desire to learn more, more quickly, by taking increasingly larger doses. It is an intellectual challenge, tempered only by fear of the unknown, and the length of the period of reduced social capacitation.

This innate curiosity and yearning to uncover mystery is what has driven me to slowly push the boundaries, and indeed, to continue to explore this genre.

[Shulgin Reference for LSD: TiHKAL #26, p490]

Picture Yourself - The obligatory psychedelic image
[Base photograph taken in Hong Kong]

Picture Yourself - The obligatory psychedelic image
[Base photograph taken in Hong Kong]