2.6.5 Ephenidine

Ephenidine #

Common Nomenclature Ephenidine
Street & Reference Names EPE
Reference Dosage Light 50mg+; Common 75mg+; Strong 110mg+; Heavy 150mg+ [TripSit]
Threshold 50mg+; Light 60mg+ Common 110mg+; Strong 150mg+; Heavy 200mg+ [Psychonautwiki]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 2 Hours / 6 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 75mg+15mg
Form Powder
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale +++


Ephenidine appeared on the markets at the start of 2015, and was purported to produce a state of dissociative anaesthesia. It was widely reported to be a smoother dissociative alternative to the other compounds legally available at the time, specifically MXP and Diphenidine.

My own experiences have aligned with this suggestion. I have invariably found that it produces a very pleasant and interesting few hours.

The onset is slow. I find that it doesn’t kick in for about 2 hours, contrary to suggestions published in a number of contemporary reports. Its peak lasts perhaps 2-4 hours, and the come-down is slow and soft.

Consuming (orally) at about 4pm, I can find it difficult to sleep at midnight without an aid. I also tend to find the following night to be slightly disturbed, inclusive of vivid dreams. However, the afterglow, which is positive, lasts for several days.

The experience itself, at the level I dose (typically 80mg), is of a slightly euphoric dissociation, at which I am just about able to hold myself together (in a functional sense). A factor here is numbness and a slight impairment of motor functions.

At these doses I feel somewhat misaligned with the real world, but I am able to enter various states of focus, introspection and concentration. The accompanying analgesia and mood-lift makes this a very nice ride.

Visually, reality has an edge of distortion, but not in terms of any deterioration or loss of clarity. The world appears to be rather alien and off-key, which, due to the anxiolytic properties of the chemical, is not threatening. The bodily insentience adds to this impression, as normal walking, for example, becomes a smooth, floating and comfortable exercise.

I sense that higher doses would significantly increase the weirdness of the dissociation, and obviously its intensity too, but the ataraxic comfort and curious edges at this level have been sufficient for me not to go deeper, so far.

Finally, whilst this is probably my favourite member of this class, its status as a relatively unknown research chemical, rather than a tried and tested recreational drug, has deterred anything other than (very) occasional use.

Note that at high doses this drug is capable of producing internal hallucinations, so due care and attention is warranted with respect to this. In common with other dissociatives, certain combinations can also be problematic, hence the need for appropriate research and caution.

Internet forum reports were largely positive

Internet forum reports were largely positive