2.7.1 6-APB

6-APB #

Common Nomenclature 6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran
Street & Reference Names Benzo Fury; 6APB
Reference Dosage Threshold 30mg+; Light 40mg+; Normal 50mg+; Strong 80mg+ Heavy 100mg+ [Drugs-Forum]
Threshold 15mg+; Light 40mg+; Common 80mg+; Heavy 100mg+ [Erowid]
Light: 50mg+; Common 75mg+; Heavy 125mg+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 1 Hour / 12 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 50mg
Form Pill / Powder
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale ++


Someone, somewhere, had the dubious idea of calling this chemical Benzo Fury, presumably for marketing purposes. It was subsequently promoted in bright orange packets, which became instantly recognizable. Indeed, the combination was so garish and catchy that it was bound to attract the attention of a hostile media. Indeed, during its heyday it was to become one of the most cited research chemicals of the media’s unremitting campaign against the spurious evils of legal highs, and was subsequently banned in the UK via a TCDO in 2013.

I originally sampled this as a pill circa 2010. It was one of my earliest forays into the research chemical market and as such the experience was under-documented. I recall a really pleasant high: a definite mood-lift and a perspective that all was well with the world.

Some years later I obtained the chemical in powder form, and was able to document it in more detail, albeit at a lower dose.

T+0:00 Given reports that this may be cardio-toxic, at least with heavy or regular use, I elect to dose at a moderate 50mg. Another consideration here is the anticipated duration, which in my current circumstances is on the long side. I measure the beige coloured powder and bomb it in cigarette paper. [2:35pm]

T+0:25 A body warmth and a dreamy type of ataractic bliss seem to be emerging. I sip on a glass of water to ensure appropriate hydration.

T+1:00 I am warm and slightly sweaty, and the passive heady feeling is now established. It brings with it a general mood lift and a positive empathogenic edge. It isn’t strong, and I am entirely functional, fully able to concentrate on tasks as I choose.

T+1:30 This isn’t very intense, but on the other side of the coin I had a rare alcohol session last night and was feeling fairly wretched: I now feel much better. My impression is that this isn’t as strong as the 6apb I sampled back in 2010.

T+2:00 Whilst this is a very light experience, I can see clear similarities to MDMA, which hardly comes as a surprise. There appears to be no significant stim-dick or related issues in play and horn seems to be available.

I have often seen claims that 6-APB creates a sense of well being, and I would agree with these. At this point, the body warmth has dissipated a little, but the headiness continues unabated.

T+3:00 The positive contentment flows at a nice and gentle level. I am beginning to feel the odd hunger pang, so there doesn’t appear to be any appetite suppression in play.

T+4:00 Whilst I feel that I am still on a plateau of comfort, it is at a lower level than it was earlier.

I slowly descended towards base during the rest of the evening, and retired at about 11pm. After a variable night’s sleep I awoke with no ill effects or significant hangover.

At this dose it turned what would have been quite a miserable and slightly hung over day into a pleasant one, and didn’t seem to hinder my functionality or my general level of competence. A negative is that for several days subsequently I felt rather down and irritable.

A higher dose would undoubtedly have delivered the extremely pleasing high I recall from my first experiment. However, with TripSit advising an intake of no more than 200mg per night, this isn’t something I will push. I should also stress that it is not a chemical to make a habit of.