2.8.5 JWH-073

JWH-073 #

Common Nomenclature JWH-073
Street & Reference Names Spice
Reference Dosage Light 3mg+; Common 5mg+; Strong 10mg+; Heavy 15mg+ [Psychonautwiki]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 Seconds / 2 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced Unknown
Form Smoking Mixture
RoA Smoked
Source / Jurisdiction Head Shop / UK


This was launched under the authentic Spice brand, and as far as I can recall, was the first variation from JWH-018 in the original series. As a novice, the difference between them was difficult to establish.

Again, certain elements of the experience were cannabis-like, but only to a limited extent. Some aspects were absent, and others were somewhat distorted. However, at the time it offered a decent enough experience to repeatedly engage.

On the face of it, this chemical seemed to have a similar safety profile to its earlier cousin. Given what was eventually to emerge in terms of synthetic cannabinoids, this was probably a positive.

The spice brand itself disappeared not far down the track, before most of the stronger cannabinoids became available under a huge variety of different labels and names. Its legacy, however, including the misappropriation of its name, remained.