1.3.1 If You Are Not An Adult

If You Are Not An Adult #

If you are not an adult, your brain is still growing, and the critical parts involved in decision-making are not fully developed. As a result, the use of recreational drugs can cause disproportionate harm and damage.

Physiologically, they can alter your hard wiring. They can precipitate serious psychological disorders, and can have long term consequences for your mental health. They can change your thinking, your perception and your judgement.

I know how this may sound, and that I may come across as a tedious old straight preaching the same propagandistic lecture you have heard before, but this isn’t the case at all (apart from the old bit).

None of this is waffle or exaggeration. A quick flick through the pages of this book will demonstrate where I am coming from. I am providing the truth in simple terms: nothing more.

The stats don’t lie and neither does the science, even if the politicians and the media do. If you have any reason to doubt this advice, research directly for yourself. Obtain the facts.

You have a long time ahead of you in which to experience drugs, if this is what you wish to do. There is no rush and no imperative to do it now.

Don’t do it now. Now is not the time. This advice equally applies to alcohol.

If other factors are influencing you, for example peer-pressure, try to see the wider context. Try to see these moments in the timeline of your entire life. Take a decision based upon that timescale; because that is the timescale you may be affecting.

If you are confused, or if you have already taken drugs and you fear that you are slipping into addiction or another drug related predicament, seek help urgently. Do not let it continue. I cannot stress this enough.

You simply don’t have to take drugs at this pivotal point in your life. It most definitely isn’t cool, and I guarantee that in 10 years you will see this, even if you cannot see it now. I also guarantee that if you read these words in 10 years you will absolutely agree with them. Your future self will know what you may not know now.

If this book achieves nothing other than to persuade you to wait, it was worth all the effort to write it.

Don’t do it.