3.4.12 Maconha Brava

Maconha Brava #

Binomial / Botanical Name Zornia Latifolia
Street Names Koemataballi; Zornia; Tencilla; Barba De Burro
Major Active Compound Unknown
Indigenous Source South America; West Indies
Form Extract (25x)
RoA Oral / Smoked
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale + / + [++ Oneirogenic]


This is used in South America as a mild sedating psychedelic, and according to Plants of the Gods, is sometimes smoked as a substitute for cannabis. Internet references, however, were sparse, suggesting that I shouldn’t raise my expectations too high.

I didn’t, and I was correct not to. The 25x extract I purchased invoked the mildest of headspace, with no notable features.

I should add that the quality of the supplier may have been a relevant factor, particularly as the packet was marked “Source: Thailand” (where it is not indigenous). The style of the vendor’s website didn’t inspire confidence either.

The main effect came out of the blue: vivid dreams.

I hadn’t noticed anything on this during research, but upon re-visiting, the reports were there, or at least some reports were there. This is, perhaps, an aspect worthy of further exploration, assuming a more reliable supply.