3.2.5 HBWS


Binomial / Botanical Name Argyreia Nervosa
Street Names Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Major Active Compound LSA
Indigenous Source Indian Subcontinent
Form Seeds
RoA Oral
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale ++


Argyreia Nervosa has a rich history of traditional use, including in ayurvedic medicine. It is referenced in a spiritual and ritual context in cultures as geographically dispersed as Hawaii and Nepal.

Its seeds provided one of my biggest surprises in terms of psychoactive strength. Contrary to the impression created by many Internet reports, just three were sufficient to take me into Shulgin ++ territory. This was even more surprising given that I had prepared a concoction, which for me, usually spells abject failure.

For the preparation I found that a number of approaches were suggested. In the end the formula I adopted was to scrape the worst of the darkest colouration from each seed, crush them with mortar and pestle, stir the powder into a glass of cold water (not tap water), place this into the fridge overnight (keeping it covered), and finally add a bit of shredded clove for the last hour or so, stirring every now and again.

This was quite an operation, but the outcome was a solid psychedelic experience, similar to LSD, but with variation in headspace, and perhaps fewer visuals. It was extremely pleasant, and without the nausea often reported. It faded after a few hours, with no hangover or disagreeable residue.