In this book you have read details of how psychoactive chemicals and botanicals can induce disparate sensory effects on your biological body, and can transform the capacity and functionality of your conscious mind.

Via the former they can sedate you; they can stimulate you; they can enhance your sexual appetite and experience; they can invoke a sense of love and harmony via empathogenic and entactogenic intensification; they can create euphoria and mood lift; and they can actuate infinite variations thereof.

Via the latter they can sharpen focus and clarity; they can open different perspectives; they can expand conscious awareness; they can enable objective and self analysis; they can initiate lucid and vivid dreaming; and they can induce a multitude of existentially shifting mental states.

Used safely and appropriately they can help to modulate your life, providing benefit, enrichment and reward. In essence, at any given time you can determine whatever sensory physicality you require and/or select whatever mode of conscious space you wish to occupy.

You can, from a higher perspective, pro-actively plan and determine an endless variety of states, managing and potentiating a more rewarding existence. You can exert more precise control and granularization of your human experience, across a wider spectrum of choice.

Unfortunately, most people do not use drugs in this manner. Many seldom see beyond their forthcoming experience, and rarely think outside the tribal parameters of their favoured intoxicant. A significant number engage to mitigate personal problems, rather than to enrich their lives at a holistic level. Essential safety protocols are frequently overlooked, ignored, or unidentified.

The lack of social intelligence, public education, and cultural understanding produces a picture which could hardly be more disturbing.

These are the two sides of the coin, with the negative side simultaneously propagated and fostered by the war on drugs. Within this self-perpetuating cycle of draconery and misery, the positive side of the coin is buried.

This framework of insanity not only creates and promotes appalling suffering; it frustrates the huge potential for greater human fulfilment, intellectual development, and perhaps evolutionary progression. The need to shift this paradigm, from dark to light, could hardly be more obvious.

The toolset exists: the chemicals have been invented and the botanicals have been identified. Humanity must learn to manage these materials for the benefit of mankind, rather than punishing those whose crime is to exercise choice and natural instinct.


As discussed in Section 4.4.5, this book is not going to benefit from objective mainstream media reporting. For the information it documents to reach those who need it most, it will therefore require some help. Will you lend a hand?

 Can YOU Help? #

Can YOU Help? #

Prohibition kills, education saves lives: please help to inform and educate by assimilating harm reduction data into the wider community. Possibilities include apprising your friends and family, posting on social media, and leaving a review on Amazon (or elsewhere). See the book’s website for free PDFs and teaching aids.


Read them, understand them, and practice them: never be tempted to skip the safety measures whatever your circumstance. Please.

Ignorance Kills, Education Saves Lives
Don’t Skip The Safety Measures

Ignorance Kills, Education Saves Lives
Don’t Skip The Safety Measures


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Education saves lives.