2.9.5 Modafiendz

Modafiendz #

Common Nomenclature Dehydroxyfluorafinil
Street & Reference Names Fiendz
Reference Dosage Light 50mg+; Common 100mg+; Strong 100mg+ [TripSit]
Maximum Dose Experienced 100mg
Form Pill
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK


This legally available non-prescription stay-awake product was moderately popular circa 2015, and was purchased via a research chemical vendor.

Ingested, it produced an unremarkable functional experience, in that I felt sharp, a little stimulated, and awake, but distinctly under the influence of a chemical.

Generally, I didn’t feel that this gave me as smooth a ride as the more commercially established armodafinil (see earlier) and it felt a little more like a stimulant than a wakefulness or alertness agent. This impression was re-enforced by occasional Internet reports of side-effects like jitters and vasoconstriction.

Whilst it was effective in terms of combating drowsiness and sleep, it wasn’t particularly pleasant and was not one I would return to.