2.9.10 Picamilon

Picamilon #

Common Nomenclature N-nicotinoyl-GABA
Street & Reference Names N/A
Reference Dosage Light 40mg+; Common 80mg+; Strong 140mg+ [TripSit]
Maximum Dose Experienced 80mg
Form Capsule
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK


First developed in 1969, this is another chemical which is sold as a prescription drug in Russia. It is used as an anxiolytic, but does have a following for its nootropic properties.

Dose was difficult to pitch, but at 80mg I did feel an effect. This was a slight uplift, and minor change of headspace. However, this was minimal, making it impossible to document any further delineation.

There are a number of enthusiastic reports dotted around the Internet, many of which compare it to phenibut, and discuss its merits with respect to inclusion in a stack. As a one-off recreational drug, however, it has never gained significant traction.

Like phenibut, it could be worth pursuing further research at a later date.