2.7.8 MNA


Common Nomenclature Methamnetamine
Street & Reference Names PAL-1046; MNT
Reference Dosage Light 60mg+; Common 80mg+; Strong 120mg+; Heavy 150mg+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 45 Minutes / 5 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 120mg
Form Powder
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale +


Methamnetamine first appeared at the start of 2015, being offered by a couple of online vendors. Whilst it never gained significant popularity, it remained available in the UK until the passing the Psychoactive Substances Act in May 2016.

The following forum post, which comprises both a live element and a subsequent review, was written shortly after its launch:

I ate a light breakfast mid-morning, got some jobs out of the way, cleared my desk, and began the adventure.

I set an absolute maximum dose of 120mg, separating it from my 500mg bag. This should be more than sufficient to hit the mark, or at least pass threshold, judging from earlier reports.

T+0:00 Starting cautiously, I orally consume 50mg. It has the usual sort of chemical taste: absolutely horrible, but just about tolerable. [11:50am]

T+00:30 There is no effect to report so far. Waiting impatiently, I sip on a cup of herbal tea.

T+00:40 Still nothing.

I wonder about dose. From reviewing the earlier field reports it does sound like 80mg may be a common threshold point, so I swallow another 30mg.

Somehow the taste is even worse than it was the first time.

T+01:00 I may be registering the slightest of effects at this point, but this is possibly placebo driven. Are colours more distinct, or is that because I want them to be? Is my head and mood nicely at ease?

It all appears to be marginal, so I continue to wait for a solid journey to begin.

I toy with the idea of taking the last 40mg of the 120mg I set aside. I resist, deciding to wait another 15 minutes or so.

T+01:15 I do feel quite content, but it is a very mild form of contentment. I consume the final 40mg.

T+02:45 I feel comfortable, dreamy and chilled. Indeed, the last hour seems to have disappeared without being noticed. It drifted past.

At this point I perform some basic checks.

Is there horn? It is available but there is no real drive. On the other side of the coin, there is no stim-dick.

Is appetite suppressed? No.

T+03:10 I head for bed to take my afternoon nap, wondering if the stim property of this chemical will thwart this plan.

T+04:10 I slept quite well. There appears, therefore, to be little or no stimulation in play.

Interestingly, and unexpectedly, I noticed some extremely mild CEVs whilst lying on the bed. They were nothing to write home about, but they were there

I think that much of this experience was influenced by expectation. This is perhaps very mildly psychedelic, but it isn’t a psychedelic. Neither is it a stimulant. I didn’t feel any great empathy at this level either.

So what is it?

If it is approached with the expectation of stimulation, it will produce disappointment. Ditto if a psychedelic ride is anticipated.

Sedating? Relaxing? Euphoric? For me, perhaps a tiny bit of all of these, at least on this dose. I felt well enough: mildly happy, with a dreamy headspace in the background and the tiniest hint of psychedelia.

For someone with little or no experience in this field, I suspect that it could induce a significant and enjoyable response.

I certainly couldn’t claim that I didn’t like it, as it was pleasant, and it could have a place for functional or semi-functional chilling and relaxation.

I can also see why some people have suggested combining it with a little MPA or similar chemical, and it would be interesting to read any reports for higher doses.

One final aspect relates to the potential sedation. I note the following comments on the UKRC forum:

“150mg bombed around 2:30pm. Immediately felt surprisingly tired, but a little ethylphenidate sorted that out.”

“Feeling tired all of a sudden.”

I also note that those members who did not comment on this aspect tended to experiment during the early evening, shortly prior to normal sleep. I, of course, had a nap half-way through.

Statistically, this is obviously insufficient to prove anything. However, at this early stage it is worth bearing in mind.

I certainly felt more than the usual fatigue after my experience and a little flat the following day. Either or both could be unconnected, but I look forward to more contributions to the data pool.

Overall, this seemed to be a fairly mild and pleasant MDAI-type chemical, with some interesting edges, but which never really took off. These were clearly discernable at times, however.

I would have explored this further, but with the all embracing PSA coming into force the following year, further opportunities to sample it didn’t materialize.

[Note: The image above (left) is a partial screenshot as taken from the website of popular vendor Chemical Wire, circa 2016.]