4. Worldscape

The Wider Context #

The drugscape does not exist in a vacuum, and neither do you. The world you are part of encompasses society and culture, legal implications, travel, personal responsibilities, sources of help and assistance, terminology and slang, and a myriad of other complex and omnipresent phenomena.

This section seeks to provide background, guidance, and direct information relevant to drug use in the wider context, as well as direction on where to obtain further material and knowledge. It offers practical data and reference material to help manage all the above, and hopefully to successfully navigate any emerging problems or issues.

Again, this is intended to cut through the misinformation and propaganda of mainstream sources, and focuses upon the factual and the accurate. Used in conjunction with the earlier sections, it may help you to avoid many of the pitfalls which are encountered by the unwary all too frequently.


The worldscape is documented via the following sub-sections:


Remember that education and awareness are the first steps to mitigate risks, including to your general welfare and well being. Don’t shortcut this section and don’t shortcut the safety measures documented through the rest of this book.

Any updates to this information will be posted on the website: www.DrugUsersBible.com