2.3.5 4-FA

4-FA #

Common Nomenclature 4-Fluoroamphetamine
Street & Reference Names 4-FMP; PAL-303; Flux; Flits; R2D2;
Reference Dosage Threshold 10mg+; Light 25mg+; Common 50mg+; Strong 100mg+; Heavy 150mg+ [Psychonautwiki]
Light 50mg+; Common 70mg+; Heavy 115mg+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 Minutes / 6 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 110mg (50mg + 25mg + 25mg + 10mg)
Form Powder
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Dealer / Overseas


4-FA became commercially available as a research chemical circa 2001. In terms of effect it is often positioned, subjectively, as being somewhere between amphetamine and MDMA. At the time of writing it is increasingly popular, particularly in the Netherlands.

Despite the reference figures above, there are a substantial number of posts across Internet forums citing significantly higher doses, many in the 100mg to 200mg range, and some even higher. In this respect, Azarius.com states:

According to different sources, a dosage between 80-140 mg is considered common; a dose of 50-80 mg produces a mild trip”.

This probably reflects the broad consensus.

I elect to apply a dose limit on the session by measuring 150mg and placing the rest out of immediate reach. Of this, I plan to take 50mg, and possibly redose with another 50mg if the experience is positive enough to merit deeper exploration. The other 50mg is reserved in case the threshold is not reached.

T+0:00 50mg is bombed orally in rizla paper. I also create two small 25mg packets for the potential redosing, and leave the final 50mg in the scale pan. [2:55pm]

T+0:30 Something may be happening. I am warm, content, clammy and a little sweaty. I feel slightly uplifted and a little light headed.

T+0:45 As there has been no significant change during the last 15 minutes I begin to contemplate the first of those redose packets. I ate a small bowl of muesli about three hours ago, so stomach content shouldn’t be having a significant effect.

T+1:00 Although I am not immersed in stimulation or empathy, there does appear to be an upswing in intensity. I therefore hold off the 25mg redose. I walk around occasionally to assess the effects. I do feel quite comfortable and fairly happy.

T+1:15 I decide to redose: 25mg is bombed. I have now dosed 75mg in total.

T+1:30 At 90 minutes the onset of the original 50mg should be largely completed.

I am in a reasonable place, but not firing to the same degree as I was on amphetamine or MDMA, for example. Having stated this, I sampled a far higher dose of those two than I should have.

I will resist the final 25mg for the next 15 minutes to see where this goes.

T+1:45 The final 25mg is bombed. I am now at my planned maximum of 100mg. I will draw a line in the sand here, by taking approximately 10mg of the remaining 50mg, and binning the rest.

T+2:15 The good news is that I don’t feel any compulsive urge to redose. This is contrary to my experience with amphetamine and methamphetamine. I feel rather more like I did whilst under the influence of MDMA, in that there is stimulation there, but it is not overwhelming or totally dominant.

I am now fully aware that I am solidly experiencing a drug trip. I am still warm, with the occasional hot flush, and my mind drifts into a mild blissful state. I am generally content. My pupils are dilated, but not fully so. There is no gurning or jaw tension.

Is there any horn?

At this point, not particularly. I didn’t experience this aspect with MDMA either, but certainly did with amphetamine. I feel that I could chose to engage on a take it or leave it basis, but at this particular dose I feel none of the wild compulsive sex drive that is sometimes reported for this chemical.

T+3:00 This has now strengthened somewhat. There is slightly more horn and more strength to the overall experience. I am guessing that the final redose is kicking in.

T+3:45 Having become rather more intense the experience has now settled again. I feel that it has reached a plateau, where I expect it to remain for a while.

This is very pleasant, with a sense of positivity and contentedness (including an empathetic edge) without taking me flying.

T+4:15 I remain on the plateau I referred to above. The question is, how long will this last? There are some reports of very lengthy duration and difficulty sleeping, which I hope are false.

I eat a small meal with some fruit juice. Note that I have been sipping water throughout, to avoid any threat of dehydration.

T+6:00 The experience has wound down to a lower level. The effects are still evident, but are of significantly lower intensity than earlier.

T+17:00 The effects continued to fade until I retired to bed at 10:37, which was seven and a half hours after the first dose. I tossed and turned, unable to drop off. As I was wide awake at 1:30 am, I popped 1mg of Etizolam. Thereafter, I slept through until 7:30am.

On rising and heading for coffee, I felt a little groggy, but generally well.

It could be that to fly really high on this I would need to consume a significantly higher dose, as is suggested by a variety of Internet trip reports. However, at this dose it was nice enough, and I can see the logic of comparisons with MDMA. I experienced quite a mild and gentle journey, with plenty of feel-good factor.

On the flip side, alarmingly, I have recently been reading reports suggesting that 4-FA has occasionally caused cerebral hemorrhaging. In urging caution regarding this, I would particularly stress the need for restraint with respect to dosage.

Finally, note that for a few days following this experiment I experienced a perceptible comedown in terms of flatness. Appropriate planning and aftercare is therefore strongly recommended (see MDMA for further information).