4.11 Namaste - A Final Note


Although a number of the chemicals and botanicals documented in this book are relatively benign, many are not. If you are going to use drugs, it is therefore imperative that you know the difference: that you know what you are doing.

Never forget that in this game your stake is your life. Picture where it can lead and what can happen to you, should you err. Hold that picture and let it guide your decision making.

It is likely that you have no idea of the misery that awaits both you and your loved ones if you succumb to addiction. You will live a hell and suffer what will seem to be an eternity of pain, the likes of which words can never come close to describing. There is every chance that at the end of that tunnel lies your death.

A serious overdose can be just as tragic. It can leave you with appalling and permanent life-changing conditions, and again, can result in your immediate or eventual death.

I may be stating the obvious, but this is why you owe it to yourself and those around you to stop and think before you engage. If you do engage, do so with safety as your number-one priority.

In this respect, this book may help you to make more informed decisions. It will not ensure your safety: only you can do that. It may, however, set you on the path to fully thinking through your choices, acting perhaps as a starting point for your own research. It may help you to approach drug use in a more responsible and safety-conscious manner.

Remember that complacency breeds tragedy: don’t shortcut protocols and procedures, no matter how experienced you are. Make sure that you don’t become one of the victims I have referred to on previous pages.

Go slowly, reflect often, and take it easy. Fully assimilate each experience before embarking upon another.

It should also be stressed that if you ever suspect that you need help, seek it immediately. The sooner you do this, the better. Never be afraid to reach out.

Finally, bear in mind that we live in cruel and unenlightened times, with a war raging around us. Always take all necessary precautions with respect to this.

Have a long and wonderful journey… stay safe, stay free and be kind.