2.2.15 BK-2C-B

BK-2C-B #

Common Nomenclature beta-keto 2C-B
Street & Reference Names Beta-keto
Reference Dosage Threshold 50mg+; Common 80mg+; Strong 100mg+; Heavy 150mg+ [TripSit]
Threshold 50mg+; Light 60mg+; Common 80 mg+; Strong 100mg+; Heavy 150mg+ [Psychonautwiki]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 30 Minutes / 10 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 82mg
Form Pill
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Internet / UK
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale ++*


BK-2C-B began to appear on the markets in 2013. Whilst it did not generate any particular fanfare or excitement, it was consistently available, and over the following years was sampled by relatively large numbers.

From my own perspective, its long duration provided something of a deterrent: writing off at least a day to test it wasn’t the easiest commitment to make. However, in 2014 I gave it a spin.

The results were disappointing. I experienced a mild psychedelic buzz, with minor body and head stimulation. This was at such a low level that it was difficult to document in much detail.

Subsequently, I discovered that the likely reason for this was that its effects are diluted considerably if it is mixed with water upon ingestion. Further research indicated that the usual modus operandi was to bomb it in a gel cap, or in cigarette paper, with an acid based drink.

Regarding dose, online trip reports suggested that the effects were extremely variable. Some people experienced intensity at well under 100mg, whereas others felt very little, replicating my own story.

For this experiment, and after much deliberation, I decided to dose at 80mg. I based this upon my new found knowledge regarding acidity, and on the generic recommendations of the major harm reduction communities.

I had BK-2-CB samples available in both pill and powder form. I chose to proceed with powder, simply because I could weigh this with greater precision.

I embarked upon the exercise with an empty stomach and low expectations.

T+0:00 I attempt to measure 80mg, but 82mg drops on to the scale. I bomb it in rizla cigarette paper with a glass of orange juice. [3pm]

T+0:40 Earlier than I anticipated something is emerging: a hazy drifty headspace. This is minor but clearly present. I also feel slight physical warmth, and a mild anxiolytic effect is taking hold.

T+1:00 A heady psychedelic feel is now firmly in place. Visually, a blurry sheen has developed, which is emphasised when I change my field of focus. There could be an impression of after-images and diffraction, but there is no significant distortion, and no movement (morphing, breathing, etc). I feel a little distant, but quite relaxed.

I am warm with a general overlay of body tingles. With the latter aspect in play I can understand why some people consider this to be a sex enhancing drug.

T+1:30 All the previous effects are now well established, and this is quite a pleasant journey. I do feel some body strain, but nothing excessive. It is certainly one of the tingliest and most physical psychedelics I have experienced.

Although it lacks the intellectual depth of the lysergamides, the head buzz is quite intense, and the hazy visual sheen is stronger than it was earlier.

I am well into ++ territory on the Shulgin scale, but not quite touching +++. I am functional, but I am at the point at which it is increasingly difficult to hide my tripping status. I certainly have to avoid anything other than brief episodes of communication with third parties.

T+2:00 The onset is definitely complete, and I have stabilised on a plateau. It remains very physical, with almost constant tingles, and the head haze continues unabated.

T+3:00 The experience has calmed, and is drifting towards the lower end of the ++ range. I am comfortable, with the sentient flushes of body awareness interjecting from time to time. The headspace is now sufficiently mild that I could happily socialize in the right company.

T+4:00 I have now moved into a period of lower level psychedelic glow. The headspace is gentle and can be pushed into the background at will, and the physicality is gently tumbling along.

This has been extremely tactile, with body sensitivity greatly enhanced. This facet reminds me of Shulgin’s statements with respect to 2C-B and sexuality. Under the right circumstances this aspect would clearly be supercharged.

There is a degree of mental fatigue entering the fray, but given its positivity I seek to make the most of the longevity of the experience.

T+5:00 The show is over to the extent that the main act has left the stage. I am still lapping up the dying embers of what has been an excellent ride. Although there are no more fireworks to be seen; I continue to bask in a lower level psychedelic aura.

It is comfortable and I am relaxed, but all intensity has departed. Even so, I remain in a place from which I am in no hurry to leave. Indeed, I hope that the claims that this lasts for many more hours are accurate.

At this point it seems that Psychonautwiki wasn’t far off the mark with this comment:

“The effects of this compound are described as considerably more stimulating and less psychedelic with a longer duration in comparison to its close structural relative 2C-B”

Perhaps there is also an empathogenic edge lurking, along with the usual softening of ego.

Although it is rather late in the game I check my pupils in the mirror. They are dilated: the left more than the right. I’ve no idea what this means, if anything.

T+7:00 The last two hours passed quickly, as I was consumed in a Terence McKenna lecture, courtesy of YouTube.

T+8:00 The headspace still lingers, as does the tranquillity, and I remain quite happy. I notice belatedly that audio seems to be enhanced. I should have explored this earlier.

T+9:00 I take 0.5mg of etizolam as a sleep aid, and retire to bed.

T+10:00 Whilst I lie in bed and close my eyes, mild CEVs are present. This is something else I should have explored earlier!

The night’s sleep was undisturbed, but was not long enough. In the morning I was mentally fatigued, and an early nap was already on my mind as I prepared for the day. Unfortunately, I still felt some psychedelic stimulation and edge, so this was not going to be possible.

In terms of duration, this was certainly a long one, and it took its toll. Having said this, my general mood remained elevated and I was relaxed, so the prolonged length was not all negative.

Regarding dose, it transpired that 80mg was plenty, and the fruit juice trick was entirely effective.

For years I looked down on this drug with a snobbish too-familiar attitude: it was so widely available yet there were so few enthusiasts. However, it surprised me. I had an excellent time. Body load was a little too high, but perhaps this was the cost of the thrill and exhilaration of the tactility.

I am glad that I procured enough to engage a few more trips before the counterproductive axe of the Psychoactive Substances Act made it impossible to source.

BK-2C-B was commonly available in both pill and powder form.

BK-2C-B was commonly available in both pill and powder form.