2.3.19 Methylphenidate

Methylphenidate #

Common Nomenclature Methylphenidate
Street & Reference Names Ritalin; Concerta; MPH; Medikinet; Metadate; Rubifen; Tranquilyn
Reference Dosage Therapeutic 5mg+; Moderate 15mg+; Strong 35mg+; Dangerous 60mg+ [Oral, Drugs-Forum]
Light 20mg+; Common 40mg+; Strong 60mg+ ; Heavy 80mg+ [Oral, TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 1 Hour / 5 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 30mg + 10mg + 10mg +10mg
From Pill
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Associate / UK


First synthesized in 1944, methylphenidate is a prescription medication which is widely used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.

During its history it has also been prescribed for a range of other conditions, including chronic fatigue and depression, and at one point was also sold as a pep pill.

As a generic medicine it is available under a large number of trade names, with my own supply branded as rubifen. Given that its potential side effects include tachycardia and chest pain in higher doses, I exercised restraint, and placed an absolute lid on my session by obtaining only four 20mg pills.

The question of dosage is a tricky one. Having experience of stimulants like methamphetamine, I am not inclined to go too low, but there are enough hints (not least the Drugs-Forum reference figures) to suggest that jumping in with all four pills would be extremely reckless. I therefore decide to initially start with 30mg.

Note also that these pills are immediate release (IR) and not extended release (XR) versions, so I should feel their effects within a normal time frame (for stimulants)

Regarding my expectations, given that I have subjectively found phenidate based research chemicals to usually tend towards the functional end of the spectrum, my enthusiasm is quite muted. I certainly don’t anticipate a cocaine or amphetamine like high.

As I begin the experiment I am somewhat tired following what was (for no apparent reason) a poor night’s sleep. I also feel a little chilly.

T+0:00 I break one of the pills in half, and on an empty stomach I pop the 30mg (one and a half pills) into my mouth and swallow with a glass of cold water. [12:20pm]

My plan today is to take the other half-pill in perhaps an hour, and then go from there.

T+1:00 Over the last hour I have gradually warmed-up, and the tiredness has been chased away. I feel much better, sufficient for me to take the next 10mg (bringing the total to 40mg). There is a slight buzz about the head, which at present is relatively gentle.

T+2:00 I remain in a heady-stimulated zone. Within this, I can focus well enough, and I believe that I could easily hide my status in most social scenarios. As expected this is primarily functional rather than recreational, although equally, it is quite pleasant, in that I feel content and energised.

Horn is of only minor interest with no real drive or compulsion. I also notice that the dreaded phenomenon of stim-dick is unmistakably present (as per other phenidates).

I now swallow another 10mg, bringing the total to 50mg. Note that I make a point of drinking sufficient water throughout.

T+3:00 I feel like I am on a functional plateau, and that I am not going to find any further recreation or uplift. There is also a hint that I will be exhausted when I come down, perhaps suggesting (rightly or wrongly) that I am on the way down already. I therefore take a final 10mg, bringing the total to 60mg.

I am tempted to flush the rest of the supply, but resist on the basis that the compulsion to take more really doesn’t feel that strong.

Physically, my hands are cold, indicating a degree of vasoconstriction. The rest of my body remains quite warm. Perhaps this is psychologically driven, but I occasionally ask myself if my chest feels tight.

T+6:00 The intensity of the stimulation has diminished: it is still clearly evident, but is now milder. I am not in the least bit hungry, but for recovery purposes I force a meal down, with some fruit juice.

T+7:00 I am now closing in on base. I feel generally fatigued but I am still functional on account of the residue effects of the chemical. I am a little heavy headed, as though on the verge of a headache which doesn’t quite materialise.

T+9:00 I am pretty much back to baseline now: a bit weary, a slight head presence, but broadly back within normal parameters. I have another bite to eat and then retire to bed.

Contrary to expectation, the night’s sleep was better than usual: I dropped off easily, and other than a couple of disturbances I slept through soundly. That the last top-up was much earlier in the day than normal for a stim-outing may have helped, but equally surprising is that I woke feeling refreshed and relaxed, with no hint of hangover or come-down.

The general mood of contentment lasted most of the morning and into the afternoon. Whether this was afterglow from the chemical or just the after effects of a good night’s sleep is hard to tell. It could have been a bit of both.

The ride itself was rather bland in comparison to that of the usual standard-bearers of this class, in that it lacked euphoric edge and drive. Instead it seemed to settle onto an energised plateau of contentment. This wasn’t bad, but in terms of reward and pleasure, it was somewhat lacking.

Whilst it is unlikely that I will ever revisit this I can see how it does have a place in the medical arena, and why its appeal as a recreational drug is relatively limited.

Finally, again with respect to dosage, this was in fact a little hard going at times: the dose I took was too high. This perhaps serves as a reminder that as with most stimulants overdose is indeed a serious threat. Take it easy if you intend to use this.