2.2.21 TMA


Common Nomenclature 3,4,5-Trimethoxyamphetamine
Street & Reference Names TMA
Reference Dosage 100-250mg [PiHKAL]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 90 Minutes / 8 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 20mg
Form Powder
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Dealer / Overseas
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale ++


This experiment was a failure, and the reason is clear: I shortcut my own safety procedures.

I had intended to procure TMA-2, a psychedelic amphetamine first synthesised in 1933 (Viktor Bruckner) and documented by Shulgin in PiHKAL. This was being offered as a ‘hypnotic sex drug’, with claims that it was ‘better than mescaline’. Unfortunately, I foolishly sampled it prior to receipt of formal laboratory test results. I recorded my experience as follows:

T+0:00 Given the potential for a lengthy ride I bomb what is probably just short of 20mg of the pink powder with my morning coffee [8:15am]

T+1:00 A mild headiness is starting to materialise. I am also quite cold, especially my fingers and hands. I am rather tired, so I head to bed for a while.

T+2:00 I didn’t sleep but lay daydreaming in the warmth. I emerge quite tactile, and with a heady dreamy head space in situ. And yes, horn is of interest, perhaps of a similar intensity level as the 2Cs.

T+2:30 On this dose there aren’t any visuals of note. Certainly I am experiencing a psychedelic aura, but can navigate and function with almost total normality. I feel that I should have dosed higher, where a better return would undoubtedly be found.

T+4:00 I would now describe this as comfortable. The dreamy drifty but mild psychedelia and the body warmth with gentle tactility make this more of a gentle pleasure than a high. Whilst wishing for more action a redose is out of the question given the long onset. However, I feel pretty decent. The potential for sexual enhancement continues to be present.

T+6:00 The ride is now fading. My underlying fatigue emerges a little from time to time and the headspace occasionally carries the hint of a headache. I feel a bit jaded but fairly content at the same time.

T+7:00 I feel pretty close to base. The haze is still there and I am warm and content, but the intensity is now reduced to a sort of zoned out headiness, and lethargy. I had a short nap about an hour ago but it failed to energise me.

The effects slowly faded over the course of the evening, although I still felt the dying embers as I retired to bed at 10pm. Surprisingly, the night’s sleep was reasonable, and I awoke feeling positive and healthy.

Subsequently the lab confirmed that my sample was in fact TMA plus 2C-B. A few factors here indicate that this was a deliberate scam, not least that the effective dose of TMA is much higher than that of TMA-2 (PiHKAL cites 100mg-250mg for TMA, with TripSit specifying a common dose of 20-40mg for TMA-2), and the addition of 2C-B would likely edge the nature of the ride towards the latter (see my earlier report on 2C-B).

Overall this was a decent ride. Certainly, there was a psychedelic headspace, the potential for erotica and a fairly nice body presence, albeit at a low level and without any fireworks. However, unless and until I source some clean TMA or TMA-2 this isn’t something I will test again, and I remain somewhat disappointed.

NOTE: Re TMA-2, the following comment from Erowid suggests that caution is appropriate, particularly for the pre-disposed: “Although TMA-2 has some stimulant effects, one researcher found high doses of TMA-2 caused bradycardia (slow heart) and hypothermia (low temperature) in rats (Mallaret 2003, Ho 1970).

[Shulgin Reference for TMA: PiHKAL - #157 (Page 857)]