2.4.6 Gabapentin

Gabapentin #

Common Nomenclature Gabapentin
Street & Reference Names Neurontin; Johnnies; Gabbies
Reference Dosage Light 300mg+; Common 600mg+; Strong 1200mg+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 1 Hour / 8 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 300mg + 300mg
From Capsules
RoA Oral
Source / Jurisdiction Associate / UK


First introduced in the 1970s, and initially approved to treat epilepsy, gabapentin is now prescribed to treat a number of ailments, including seizures, neuropathic pain and restless leg syndrome. However, its anxiolytic and quasi-euphoric effects have also led to its use as a recreational drug. I have seen it described as a mild benzo, but with dramatically smaller returns on repeat doses during a session. It is also known for tolerance to build very quickly.

My supply came in the form of 300mg capsules, which is handy given that most online reference sources quote thresholds in multiples of 300. Given that some of these suggest topping the first dose up after perhaps 30 minutes to an hour, I elect to start with 300mg and then perhaps add another 300mg downstream. This should pitch me well into common territory, but in two simple stages.

In terms of anticipation, I’m not quite sure what to expect. Further, I am torn with contradiction: I am still tempted to go for a higher dose, yet at the same time I don’t really consider this class of drug to be my thing. In the end, sense prevails.

T+0:00 I swallow a 300mg capsule with a glass of water. [1:00pm]

T+0:45 A heady mellow feeling is now emerging. It is minor at present, but certainly noticeable.

T+1:30 I am not euphoric or uplifted, but that head driven aura referred to in the last note is now well established. There are no fireworks, but my headspace has been calmed, and anxieties have disappeared.

T+2:00 I remain in the same warm and softened zone as I decide to take my usual afternoon nap. I have little problem falling into a sleep.

T+3:00 I am now awake again, and mentally I am back into a similar place. There is a hint of physical analgesia with this, and the gentle ambience of the sedation persists nicely. I eat and enjoy a decent meal.

T+4:00 The intensity has now reduced significantly, and despite having left it much later than intended I am left wondering whether to redose. After some consideration I open a capsule and take another 300mg.

T+5:30 I am experiencing a sort of cerebral numbness, but without a real high. I feel tranquillised without being tired or weary. There’s been no obvious kick from the second dose, but perhaps it has intensified the plateau.

T+8:00 Given the slightly unworldly sense that pervades vision, there is a minor hypnotic feel in play. My hands remain a little numb too. The intensity is now lower, but I remain in a gentle bubble of neutrality.

I retired to bed at about 11pm, 10 hours after the initial intake. The night’s sleep wasn’t bad, and the headache that I thought I had in the middle of it wasn’t really there in the morning, although I felt a bit flat. This flatness lingered all day.

I found this to be strongish at times, in a hypnotic rather than a euphoric sense. It delivered both a mood and a physical numbness, which produced contentment rather than enjoyment. This isn’t to say that it wasn’t a reasonably pleasant ride though, and I should note that the second dose was totally unwarranted.

With respect to a comparison with benzodiazepines, it subjectively carried less lift, although this could have been partly due to my prevailing mood and circumstance.