4.7.2 About The Author – In His Own Words

About The Author – In His Own Words #

I am not a junkie or an addict. I have had a successful and varied career, maintained friendships and relationships, and have supported and raised a wonderful family. On paper I am a tax paying pillar of society, with no criminal record or medical issues.

I am far from unique in having a profile like this whilst using drugs: countless others lead similarly positive and happy lives. We are the ones the mainstream media don’t report. We are the majority of the 250 million.

To some extent this book documents my personal journey, undertaken during a time in which the winds of ignorance were howling, and in particular, the war on drugs was being mercilessly pursued. Hopefully when you read these words this tide will have turned, but regardless, whatever path you take I hope that my experiences help you to mitigate risk and stay safe.