2.3.4 3-MMC

3-MMC #

Common Nomenclature 3-Methylmethcathinone
Street & Reference Names Metaphedrone
Reference Dosage Light 20mg+; Common 40mg+; Strong 60mg+; Heavy 120mg+ [Psychonautwiki] [Insufflated]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 5 Minutes / 3 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 250mg
Form / RoA Powder / Insufflated
Source / Jurisdiction Dealer / Overseas


3-MMC emerged from Sweden in 2012, and has frequently been sold as an alternative to mephedrone. Despite this, I found relatively little online information on it, which in itself indicates the need to tread carefully. This feeling was exacerbated by a number of suggestions of toxicity and in particular, heart valve issues.

Regarding the experience, users generally report a painful insufflation, significant stimulation and a nice buzz.

I enter the fray by pouring 90mg from the baggy.

T+0:00 I snort 45mg. It hurts, with one eye watering a little. [12:36].

T+0:15 After on 15 minutes I am nicely buzzed. I am warm and sweaty and the general stimulation is quite strong. The availability of horn is already evident, and the rush of serotonin is unmistakable.

T+0:40 A firm heady intensity has been established within the overall buzz, and I remain hot and clammy.

T+1:00 I feel a little lower than I was 10 minutes ago, so I snort the other 45mg, this time with my left nostril. It is again painful and my left eye waters.

T+ 1:20 Against my better judgement I pour another 80mg, separate 20mg and snort. I snort another 20mg with the left nostril 10 minutes later. I note that the potential sexual payload is intense.

T+2:00 I hit another 20mg with my right, and 20 minutes later a final 20mg is hoovered with my left. I am flying, having consumed 170mg in total.

2:30 Did I say final? I weigh another 50mg and split it into two lines. I snort one. I recognize that this is now a binge.

3:00 I insufflate the other 25mg. I am absolutely wired and I want to stay like this. My higher brain is struggling to control my impulses.

4:00 I weigh and snort another 30mg, which takes me to 250mg. Five minutes later I smoke some weed to help stop the compulsive binging. Fortunately this works and I am able to regain control.

7:00 I’m still very zoned out at this point but with less zip than earlier. I now retire to bed with 0.5mg of etizolam.

The nights sleep was surprisingly good, in that I remember nothing. In the morning I still feel a little out of it. I am also tired, but not overly drained. I take my morning walk, pop some post-stim vitamins and supplements, and hope for the best. I may engage some cannabis later if I still feel rough.

This was extremely moreish, and created a full-on binge. Its potential use as a chemsex drug was evident throughout, as per social media commentary. I also felt that it was more similar to amphetamine than to its sister 4-mmc (mephedrone).

I made a number of mistakes during this session. One was that I underestimated the compulsive redosing intensity. I should have limited my immediate supply and put a lid on it. Another error, stemming from this, was that I didn’t pre-measure the top-up doses, meaning that I was using the scales whilst high as a kite, which is clearly not a great idea. In truth I felt a bit rough most of the next day and for part of the day after.

With the issues and risks referred to earlier this isn’t one I will return to.